Top tips for recovery to your skin this winter

After the party

Longing for summer and feeling blue.  Seasonality changes can make your skin feel tiered, dull and hard to respond to during the winter months.  After the party season has ended, we are now in a period of starting afresh. Have you promised yourself to take care of your skin and health but don’t know where to begin?  You’re not alone.

Remember no two skins are equal. 

Everyone’s skin is different but we all see changes that we would like to address.  Whether it is dry sensitivity, dehydration, dullness, rosacea (redness of the skin) which can become sensitive right through to oily or acne prone skin.  Any or a combination of can send your head spinning

Top tips for recovery to your skin this winter

  • Setting a routine for your skincare.  Cleanse tone and if needed moisturise twice a day. Pre cleanse or double cleanse if wearing make-up
  • Keep your hair clean as this can affect the skin directly to the hairline causing spots and irritation
  • Add in serums to your night regime , we recommend Active Serum by IS clinical  
  • Always wear a broad-spectrum SPF min factor 50 every morning no matter what the weather conditions as UV comes through the clouds causing premature aging. Our choice is Heliocare dry touch
  • Wear an eye gel or cream separate to your face cream as this is a more delicate area and does not need to be weighed down with heavy product. We advise Environ Eye gel
  • Apply a 10-minute hyaluronic masque to improve water loss from skin
  • SLEEP – get an early night your skin will repair and thank you the next day!
  • Change your pillow case on a regular basis to minimise bacteria on your face
  • Detox digitally before bed!  Blue light screens can affect the balance of our brains so switch off to give your time to relax the mind
  • Last but no means least drink water.  If your internal organs take first what is given then your biggest organ your skin won’t fall short of what it needs. It’s not so easy in winter to drink chilled water so why not try warm water with lemon refreshing and hydrating at the same time

If we start these small adjustments now, we will see the benefits towards spring and summer when you want to reveal more!

Happy skin health checks

Have you got a skin tip to help our readers why not share your comments below?

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Dr Olha has been working Aesthetics for more than 8 years. She has published numerous journal articles on aesthetic treatments and been invited to speak at National and International conferences. Her attention to detail, technical ability and amazing results quickly led to her establishing herself as one of the best Aesthetic Practitioners in the UK.

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