Pre and post holidays peel

EnerPeel® MA is highly popular as a summer peel, because of its ability to deliver an instant, fresher, smoother skin which will improve deep even tanning when on holiday while also boosting SPF absorption.

MA will also help prevent holiday breakouts when we are maybe bashing our immune system with alcohol and not being so controlled on diet.

If you have flushes when you go out in the heat on holiday, EnerPeel® MA combined with Synchrorose® products helps many who can concentrate on enjoying themselves and worry less about food, drink and heat triggering flushes, which can make you self-conscious when you should be carefree and enjoying yourself.

The lunchtime peel, the super summer peel…

Skin feels amazing afterwards, it’s smooth, even and makeup adheres so much better. And guess what? You will find you don’t need much makeup because your skin will look fab.

Your skin is cleansed, refreshed, brighter, incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. This is the ideal treatment prior to a garden party, holiday or a summers evening ‘get together’.

Mandelic Acid is a slow-absorbing, gently exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid, originally isolated from almonds, and perfected in the lab, meaning that people with nut allergies can still have an MA. In almonds, mandelic acid protects the nut from viruses, bacteria and fungi, and this feature can also be a great help to our skin too; ideal for those prone to breakouts who will benefit from its gentle exfoliating action as part of an acne protocol.

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