15 minutes nose job or non surgical rhinoplasty

Non surgical rhinoplasty 

Non surgical rhinoplasty – 15 minutes nose job.

Nose is the most prominent and noticeable future of our face . Rhinoplasty ( plastic surgery of the nose|) is one of the most rewarding and desirable cosmetic procedure .Until recently the only way to correct the nose was to go under the knife. But many people who are not happy with the shape of their nose would not want to take the risks that are involve with surgery or can’t afford the expensive cost ( rhinoplasty can cost anything between £2500- £4000)

Non–surgical rhinoplasty is a safer and cheaper alternative to the surgical treatment. The technique was develop first in Brazil 7 years ago and it involves using dermal fillers injections. This treatments gets more and more popular in the UK .

This is one of the most rewarding cosmetic treatments, as it make considerable difference that you can see instantly after the treatment. And this is one of those treatment that can brings tears of happiness when patents see the result.

When people come to my clinic some of them wonder how you can make the nose look smaller by adding more material to it . The answer to that is, that most people who are not happy with their nose has asymmetrical nose. By adding dermal fillers into the parts of the nose to make it look symmetrical we ultimately make it look smaller.

So what can be done with non–surgical rhinoplasty:

- Correction of the mild to moderate bump on the nose

- Correction of the nose tip projection

- Correction of the crooked nose

- Asymmetrical and broken noses can be corrected

- small nose can be build up

- nose can be straightening

Who is suitable for that treatment:

People who are not happy with the shape of their nose, have had surgical rhinoplasty in the past and still want some correction, medically fit people.

Initial consultation is always required when all your concerns and preferences for changes will be discussed. Procedure will be explained in details including possible risks and complication.

What is the actual treatment involve?

Application of topical anaesthetic 15-20 before treatment.

Precise Injection of small amount of dermal fillers into the required parts of the nose to achieve the desirable result. The product will be massaged and you will see instant result. You will be fully involve into the treatment process.

As was mentioned few times before, the result is instant and last between 12-24 month. As nose is none mobile part, the breakdown of dermal filler is slower that in lips o cheeks.

What product are used:

At  Angels twelve we use Juvederm range of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers.

What can not be corrected with non –surgical rhinoplasty

Procedure has it’s limitation , some cases will not benefit from non –surgical rhinoplasty and that will be advised by the Doctor during your consultation. If this is the case we will be able to organise referral to the Country leading plastic surgeons for surgical treatment if patient desires so.

Breathing difficulties can not be corrected with none-surgical rhinoplasty.

How do I fee after the treatment ?

After anaesthetic will wear off you may feel mild discomfort in the treated area, redness, mild swelling and bruising can occur in some cases. This usually resolve within few days. You always provided with after care instructions and Doctors telephone number, that you can contact 24/7 if you have any concerns.

What is the cost ?

Non surgical rhinoplasty cost £ 350

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Dr Olha has been working Aesthetics for more than 8 years. She has published numerous journal articles on aesthetic treatments and been invited to speak at National and International conferences. Her attention to detail, technical ability and amazing results quickly led to her establishing herself as one of the best Aesthetic Practitioners in the UK.

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