Fillers sensory session

Fillers Sensory clinic available at Angels Twelve.

Fill it , Touch it , Juvéderm it

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments growing rapidly in their popularity, And there is no surprise here . Why you would like to go under the knife if you can achieve same or sometimes better and  more natural result without risks and down time of surgery.

One of the most popular non surgical treatments are Dermal fillers . Most people heard of them. This treatment can help to improve face shape , replace lost volume and with right approach helps patient to look less tired , more lifted , more attractive , youthful and more feminine or masculine.

Over last  5 years development of the product and treatment approach has changed dramatically in a very positive way . Combination of good product and injection technique   can deliver safe and very predictable result. Many of the readers probably aware about that . However there are still many people who have a fear of uncertainty when they hear word ‘fillers’.

At Angels Twelve we a very proud to offer a filler sensory session to existing and new customers. What does the session involve?

This session gives you opportunity to touch and fill the product - Juvéderm .Yes that is exactly it!  We  will open for you  different rages of Juvéderm  fillers that we use in clinic and you can see ,feel   and touch the product .

Did you know that not all fillers are same? Even same brand can have different ranges that use in different areas of the face .

Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volift , Juvederm Volite , Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Volux – they all same brand but have different indications for use .

Discover more by attending Filler sensory sessions.

You, our dear and valued patient, will have an opportunity to speak with representative from the biggest Dermal Filler manufacture company Allergan .

You will have  a chance to speak with our patient coordinator, meet our team  and speak with patients who already receiving filler  treatments at our clinic .

You can also book a FREE no obligation consultation with our Doctors.

This session is free to attend

No treatments will be performed during this session .

Upcoming Filler sensory sessions are

30th of October 2019   9.30 am – 12,30 pm

7th of November 2019 – 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

About the Author

Dr Olha has been working Aesthetics for more than 8 years. She has published numerous journal articles on aesthetic treatments and been invited to speak at National and International conferences. Her attention to detail, technical ability and amazing results quickly led to her establishing herself as one of the best Aesthetic Practitioners in the UK.

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