What is my treatment options for the neck?

What is my treatment options for the neck?

There is no secret that  our neck, hands and décolletage can give away our age.

One of the most obvious signs of ageing is a wrinkly, turkey neck – a horrible term which describes the sagging skin, double chin fat and  lines  on our neck .We usually good with skin care routine on our faces , yet many people forget to take care of their neck. The neck is sadly neglected and, over time, it can really show.

Fortunately, we offer full range of  non-surgical neck treatments available which can help you achieve a smoother, younger-looking neck you’ll want to show off.

Nefertiti neck lift, we use mussel relaxant that is injected into wide mussel of the neck platysma and soften the lines and tighten the neck

Skin peels, yes, they can apply on the neck too. One of the most popular can be Mandelic, glycolic and TCA peels

Micro-needling can help with skin tightening and rejuvenation

CO2 or Carboxy therapy, this miracle gas can not only to rejuvenate your skin but also help to reduced sub mental fat (double chin ) and give nice jaw line definition

Dermal fillers for the neck?  Will help with skin hydration and will soften horizontal lines that most of us women have

Profhilo – injectable moisturiser, fantastic product to improve skin hydration and elasticity of the neck

PDO threads – used for non-surgical neck lift . When threads are skilfully placed, they help to define the jaw line, tighten the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

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