Jaw reduction injections

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Jaw size reduction with Botox ® injections.

The most common cause of a square jaw line is prominent and enlarged masseter muscle. It can be either due to genetic factors and is more common in people of far East origin although anyone can be affected. It can also be due to the hyperactivity of the muscle enforced by teeth grinding or jaw clenching habits, a common problem Dr Olya sees as Dentist and Aesthetic practitioner.

A square jaw line can make a lady’s face appear more masculine.

One of the best treatments to reduce the size of the jaw line is injections of Botox® in the masseter muscle, a procedure perfected by our Dentist and expert aesthetics practitioner Dr Olha here at Angels Twelve.
It is safe, quick, effective and pain free procedure and take between 15-30 minutes.

  • Downtime /side effects: none except possible minor bruising associated with injection.
  • Results of the treatment is noticeable in 4-6 weeks.
  • Effect of the treatment lasts up to 6 months.

How does the treatment work?

Botox ®, known as muscle relaxant injection, will help reduce activity of the muscle, the muscle will become smaller in size and therefore the jaw line becomes smaller.

Procedure: prior the treatment Dr Olha will apply topical numbing cream to disinfected skin. Dr Olha will use very small needles to deliver the treatment so there is very minimal trauma and patients have almost no discomfort. Cold compress post treatment will be applied to minimise any risk of bruise.

Why is jaw reduction becoming very popular?
It is widely recognised that V-shape appearance of the female face considered youthful and attractive. Lower third of the face should be narrower than the upper and middle third.

Injections of Botox ® in the jaw (masseter muscle) can help you achieve more define and sharp jaw line and make you look more youthful and feminine.

For clients who are suffering from grinding their teeth (Bruxism) or excessive clenching their teeth it can help to treat those conditions, reduce muscle tension and discomfort as well as improve the look of your jawline.

Suitability: Dr Olha will assess your jaw profile during your consultation and the type of treatment that may be suitable for you.

To book your appointment to discuss how you may befit for this treatment call us on the number above or drop us an email.

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