Beyond the Mirror

Beyond the Mirror
by Olha Vorodyukhina and Jean Bertram
The benefits of looking good go much further than “skin deep”.


Beyond the Mirror



Ask yourself, how many times you have looked in the mirror put a finger on both sides of your face and lifted out the lines that are slowly appearing around your mouth and thought, ‘wouldn’t it be lovely to have a little help’. Maybe you’ve thought ‘I’ll do this now and I’ll call the clinic I’ve seen advertised, book an appointment and go to have some work done’?

It’s not a decision that most would make lightly, considering how to choose the right clinic, whether they have the time, money and motivation to commit to the thought. There may even be the little niggle in the back of their mind that they could in fact age positively with just a little help and advice. This is a book that supports everyone who wants the truth from the experts, but also everyday people who are not celebrities or influencers, to help them make the right choices for themselves.


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