How much filler do I need?

“Why so much filler? I don’t want to look fake or “done” like some of the people on TV or in magazines”

Hi my name is Jean I’m the clinic manager at Angels Twelve in Nottingham. I work with and coordinate our medical professionals to deliver the safest and most personal treatment for our aesthetic clients, this statement above is the one I hear the most from both experienced and new clients who are thinking about improving the overall appearance of their face. From my knowledge of the aesthetic world and from my own personal journey here are some of the answers I would give when speaking to everyone prior to their consultation with our doctors.

Dr Olha, who is the owner and founder of Angels Twelve has been doing my aesthetic treatment for the past few years, in fact I was her client through recommendation before I actually came to work here, I had asked the same question and started slowly to build my confidence in the results I wanted to achieve. I didn’t want to look “fake” or “done” I just wanted a little help to improve my natural look. I was always pleased with the subtle changes and had regular treatments in strategic places to maintain the look, this was the guidelines at the time and of course Dr Olha would always use the most recent studies to guide her when deciding on a treatment plan. But now the “thinking behind the use of fillers has changed and I must say that I am over the moon with the progress. I am so happy with the results!

The new theory behind the use of fillers is that they should create balance and harmony in the face and to do this takes quite a lot of product, even up to 20ml in one course of treatment. This takes experience and advanced training to administer and should only be carried out by a medical professional in a clinical environment with CQC accreditation. Along with our Private clinic in Nottingham Olha also owns a training centre where along with her team of specialist medical practitioners train other medical professionals how to safely administer aesthetic products. This is through her partnership with Cosmetic Courses, who are the largest UK based trainers in the UK, and our partnership with Allergan and HA Derma. We are also a Safe Face Clinic.

“What does it feel like Jean” is the other commonly asked question so here goes. I have so much trust in Olha’s ability and her eye for detail that I am always quite excited to have my treatment and as relaxed as you can be when someone says “just a little scratch”. This doesn’t stop me having a little nervous flutter in my tummy, which is only natural, especially when I’m going to have 8 or more syringes in one treatment. Olha has been lucky to be trained herself by the leading plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio who has said that for a natural look, which is our ultimate goal, go for more product not less. Olha explained to me that originally fillers were used to fill lines but over time as practitioners develop a better understanding of the ageing process, it has become clear that volume loss is the major factor so fillers are now used to replace volume and of course this can’t be achieved with the small amount of fillers used to fill lines. Volume loss annoyingly is not limited to just one area it could be in the cheek, chin, temple, mouth or jawline so it makes complete sense to improve the overall appearance by using 16 plus syringes of product in one treatment plan. Our clinic is very calm and peaceful so it’s easy to relax and let the experts do their best, all I ever feel is a slight pressure and once the filler starts to be administered it contains a local anaesthetic so it becomes pain free more or less straight away. I’m always eager to hear of new protocols and products and continually ask what’s next for me.  I love Olha’s work because her expertise allows her to under rather than over correct so I still retain my natural appearance even when I’m trusting her to add this amount of filler. If I didn’t choose to tell anyone then no one would know my secret. More filler YES PLEASE! Olha thinks this is funny because if she’d have suggested to me even a year ago, I would have run for the hills!

Obviously, the reason for that would have been I had only really ever looked at the fillers that had gone wrong, the celebs with the unrecognisable faces makes everyone think that they would automatically look like that and who would want to even consider it. Olha would never do that to me I know that, and besides I’ve seen lots of her clients and lots of unedited photographs of people who have achieved a soft and subtle improvement through her skill and natural talent. Understanding the tiny amount 1ml actually is, google it and take a look, makes it easier to get your head around the need for more, especially when it spreads all over your face. But give or take a few pounds it’s about half the cost of a surgical facelift with none of the down time so that’s an added bonus. Make sure you’re ready, it has to be right for you, come and see Olha as many times as you like to make a plan and you won’t look back.

When you’re ready to go you will already understand the difference between “Botox” this is injected into the muscle to reduce their capability to contract and fillers which will increase physical volume to the face. Fillers can be injected deep on to the bone or into the fat pads of the face or beneath the skin and muscle to give soft volume. They come in different densities so there are perfect fillers for each part of your face. Most are made from hyaluronic acid (a kind of sugar, not a stinging kind of acid) which holds many times it’s weight in water and is cross linked to stay stable. Our clinics are partners with Allergan who are the largest supplier of Juvederm so most of what we use are from their extensive range of products, so it’s as safe as anything, a natural product with natural results when administered by expert Doctors. Don’t worry that your face might be worse if you have it done then decide not to maintain it you will just go back (if you ever want) to your natural self and look as you did before.

The safety of Olha’s clients is paramount to the reputation of our business and as I’ve said before, because of the dire lack of regulation within the aesthetic industry, we are completely transparent with what we do and the products we use, although there are over 200 brands of filler Juvederm is one of the few brand approved by the FDA ( Google it!). Ask us anything we’ll be happy to advise. Other Countries class injectable fillers as prescribed medication and carefully control them to stop them getting in to the wrong hands. We say “Bring it on UK”

I’ve had multiple procedures now with multiple syringes and injections. From my temple to my neck Olha has replaced volume, lifted, tightened and refreshed my natural appearance without much bruising or discomfort. She checks along the way that I’m ok and sits me up to check the symmetry of my face as she proceeds. It doesn’t hurt and I just relax and zone out until it’s all done. Results are instant but I do feel a bit battered and scrambled from having so many injections. I always look closer over the following few days, a bit of swelling in my lips the day after and a little puffiness in my cheek area this lasts for a couple of days then starts to settle. A little massage to my new fresher face each evening to help with the integration of product into the skin tissue to help things along. But that’s it! I’m thrilled with my results, balanced, less droopy and much firmer.

Apologies for repeating myself but I have to say again “More Filler Yes Please!!!!!”

About the Author

Dr Olha has been working Aesthetics for more than 8 years. She has published numerous journal articles on aesthetic treatments and been invited to speak at National and International conferences. Her attention to detail, technical ability and amazing results quickly led to her establishing herself as one of the best Aesthetic Practitioners in the UK.

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