Effective treatment for: 

Fine lines and wrinkles

Hair loss


Dry skin 

Treatment also can be used on body to improve stretch marks, cellulite  and skin quality in general

Number of treatments 2- 5

 Procedure time  30min

  Anaesthetic   topical 

Sensitivity period  24 hours

 Recovery period same day

 Back to work same day 

Result duration    6-9  month 

What products do we use for meso  therapy and cost  ?    

Profhilo  £250 session, £450 course of 2 , £600  course of 3 

 Rederm from £125 session  3-6 treatment recomended

 Juvderm Volite  £250 1 vial   £450  2vials

 Vyscoderm hydrobooster   £295  one session   £495 2 traetments