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Welcome to our Skin Plan

Aesthetic skin treatments are growing in popularity and it is easy to explain why: They Work; the results are long lasting and they help us all look fresh and feel great.

When aesthetic treatments are done correctly many people will complement you on your fresh look without even suspecting that you have had any help at all.

To maintain this natural, youthful look you need to have treatment on regular basis. At Angels Twelve we understand that the cost of treatment is a big consideration when you are deciding to invest in yourself and that is why we are pleased to introduce SKIN PLAN, our monthly payment option.


What is the Angels Twelve Skin Plan?

It is a monthly payment system that allows you to spread the cost of repeated treatments. And we also offer all Skin Plan clients an extra 10% off their treatment combinations. Your treatments, in any combination you chose with 10% off. Payments start from £25 per month; paid by direct debit. No fees apply and it does not affect your credit rating. 

Which treatments can be included in the Angels Twelve Skin plan?

All aesthetic treatments are available on the skin plan as well as the advanced Beauty treatments, such as peels and facials. The most popular Skin plan treatment is anti-wrinkle injections and the prices are as follows (based on treatment every 4 months) Having treatment 3 times per year)

Anti-wrinkle 1 area, 3 times a year: £43.75 per month; Anti-wrinkle 2 areas, 3 times per year: £56.25 per month; Anti-wrinkle 3 areas, three times per year: £73.75 per month. These prices (correct Jun 2020 include the 10% discount compared with pay-as-you-go.

Do I pay extra fees for the Angels Twelve Skin Plan?

No, this is not a credit agreement it is simply a saving plan and there is no extra cost involved. In fact, you save 10% on the total cost of treatment over the year. We also offer regular VIP discounts for our Hair and Beauty treatments to our Skin Plan customers.

You can start with as little as £25 per month and this will be used against the cost of your Aesthetic treatments. Any difference will be payable separately on the day or you can increase your Skin Plan to cover the total cost of treatments. The choice is yours.

What if I change my mind, can I cancel?

You can add or remove treatments from your Skin Plan at any time and adjust your monthly payment. The minimum payment is £25 per month. Cancelling is easy, but we do require a one month notice period. There are no fees or penalties to pay if you leave the plan. If you continue to have treatments these will be charged at the full price. You

In terms of unforeseen circumstances such as a medical condition that would prevent you from having further treatment you will receive 100% refund of any credit balance on your account

Can I receive the treatment and pay after by Skin Plan?

This option is not possible, it is only possible to use your accumulated credit against treatments with Skin Plan.  We also offer finance for treatments through a 3rd party lender if you wish to pay in instalments after treatment.








" since starting our skin plan in 2017 more than 80% of our regular customers now benefit. Helping them spread the cost of treatment while saving 10%."
Angels Twelve
Dr Olha