Is your jaw starting to show the first signs of sagging? Is the volume loss creeping in? Is your skin starting to lose it spring ? Then   Profhilo can be the right solution for you .

This revolutionary product has been future in  ‘Tatler’ ‘Good Housekeeping Magazine’, ‘Grazia’  press and  it is available just on your door step at  Angels Twelve  clinic Nottingham.

Often known as “injectable moisturiser” Profhilo is a form of Hyaluronic acid, the hydrating skincare ingredient natural to our bodies is injected superficially around  5 -10 specific points in the face and neck. This will plump from within so will give an appearance of softer firmer skin and will also improve fine lines around the cheek area, you will also use much less moisturiser in your daily skin care routine. Unlike filler which uses a different type of Hyaluronic acid Profhilo won’t alter the contours of your face but as with filler it will encourage and stimulate collagen production for long lasting results. Two treatments are recommended four weeks apart and the result should last around six months.

Is it painful? Not at all. Sensation during product administration is similar to Botox injections and some areas like around the nose and mouth can be more sensitive. Although treatment does not require anaesthetic application.

What is the downtime? You can expect a moderate swelling on the day of injection but it all goes down the next day.

What is the result like? Almost instantly after the first treatment your skin feels tighter. After 1st month new collagen and elastin take place and your face feels and looks lifted. You also will notice improvement in radiance and tone of the skin.

What areas can be treated? Profhilo is widely used on the face but also effective to treat neck, hands, skin of upper arms and knees .

Who do I need to see for treatment? Always make sure that you receive advise and treatment from medically qualified person with experience in anti – aging medicine.

At Angels Twelve clinic you can see Dr.Olha or Dr.Jaskiran for Profhilo consultation and treatment

What is the cost ? Cost is £250per session .