Anita's story

First I visited   Angels Twelve for my hair appointment.  The salon is modern, clean and all the staff very welcoming and friendly . My stylist Teresa  told me all about  different services available at Angels Twelve .  I just turned 60 and I was thinking about having some cosmetic treatments to make me look and feel better .  As probably many of women I was worried about having it done.    During my conversation with Teresa she told me that she has cosmetic treatments ( and she looked so well ) , it was quite reassuring for me . So I booked appointment to see Dr. Olha for consultation . And  that is one of the best decisions I have made.

Case study: Before treatment #1

  • 13 October 2018


On the first floor of Angels Twelve there is a very desecrate and professional medical cosmetic clinic. I was greeted by lovely Jean , who is clinic manager . She was so knowledgeable and reassuring . Made me really feel at ease.  As  I presume like most women I felt slightly nervous but also vein about my desire to look better.

Jean told me that she has regular treatments with Dr.Olha and she actually was her patient before she started to work in the clinic . Jean is my age and I could not believe that when she told me. She was looking at least 10 years younger .

I was invited into the clinical room for my consultation .

Case study: Before treatment #2

  • 13 October 2018

Dr.Olha greeted me with the most beautiful and reassuring smile . So I instantly felt at ease.
She fully introduced herself and explain about her experience . Then she listen to my concerns and was asking me different questions related to my age ,genetic, she asked what is my goal, what I want to achieve ? And I just trusted her at this point and said I will be happy if you guide me and help me to be the best version of me.
Dr.Olha shown me before and after photos of her patients , and the results were incredible bu so natural. That was important to me. As I did not want to change my look I just wanted to look fresher.
Dr.Olha also demonstrated to me on her slides how the ageing process works and explained why we see those changes .
Then she written down my treatment plan and explained that we can work on it together and it is possible to have either gradual result and split my treatment over few months or we can have it over just one or two visits. For me achieving result over few month was working better .
Dr.Olha gave me a copy of my treatment plan that included all details of my treatment as well as how she was going to maintain the achieved result for me.
I was ready to book for my treatment appointment , and I was not nervous just felt confident that I'm in the safe hands.

After treatment #1

  • 13 October 2018

Anita image after the treatment 

Dr.Olha explained that when treating  age changes in our face the best result can be achieved by using full face approach with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections treatments . Otherwise  result may not be great and it may not last  as well.

I was happy to be guided  by her . I had to wait about two weeks after my consultation before I have my first treatment session .  On the day of my treatment I filled all the paper work and Dr.Olha took my pictures .She applied topical cream and when she performed the treatment I did not feel any pain .

When treatment was completed she took another set of photos and we looked at before and after together.

I could not believe how instant was the result . 

I was given an after care advise and booked next month for my 2nd session. We decided that we can complete my treatment over 3 sessions. 


After treatment #2

  • 13 October 2018

Anita image after the treatment 

I have completed all my planned session and I'm so happy with me look. I received incredible support during this journey from Angels Twelve team. After each treatment I had follow up appointment , I received a follow up message from Jean, who wanted to make sure everything is fine. Those ladies they really care about you .  

I can say that after treatment I had  just minor sensitivity on my face  just for few days. My family and friends  compliment me on my fresh , younger look .

I'm certain  that I want to maintain my results and I choose to join Angels Twelve skin plan that allows me to have treatments at more affordable cost and spread the cost.

Thank you Dr.Olha and Angels Twelve for given me my face and confidence .

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