Dr.Olha predicting specific treatments trends for 2024

As you all probably know my philosophy of medical aesthetics treatments : age appropriate treatment while ageing beautifully and confidently with our expert help . We guarantee natural results to all our patients

At my clinics we only offer safe and evidence based treatments.  In 2024 trend for natural look will continue to raise with strong developments in regenerative medical treatments as well as wellness part will continue to grow .

Top treatments that you need to look at in 2024


  1. Regenerative medicine : Treatments like PRP, polynucleotides , CO2, exosomes , medical micro needling and RF will help you to restore the growth factor of the skin and they have been growing in popularity in 2023 .
  2. Wellness and supplementation: It is great to stimulate growth factor of your skin in one specific area face or body but now much more can be achieved by stimulating regenerative processes from within on a cellular level. This is possible with basics like healthy diet and exercise but also if you want to ensure that your body gets all the required energy , vitamins and micro elements you can get specialist advice on right supplements that helps not only increase life spam but most importantly improve the quality of life and prevent multiple medical problems that can arise with age.
  3. Collagen stimulating injections : Treatments like Ellanse that give instant results and improve skin quality over long term strongly holds its market position and becomes favourite of many  patients and practitioners who want to achieve both natural and long lasting results .
  4. Injectables: injectables like dermal fillers and muscle relaxants have long been used for none surgical face lift  and when in skilled hands of expert Doctor results can be comparable or even better than surgical . Despite some bloggers and journalist predict decline in the popularity of injectable treatments, the facts remain the same . Muscle hyperactivity and volume loss are two major causes of facial ageing. Muscle relaxants and volumizing HA based fillers are one of the best treatments to address above signs  of ageing.
  5. Laser skin resurfacing: Advances in laser technology have made skin resurfacing treatments more effective and with shorter downtime. Whether it’s fractional lasers or newer modalities, the demand for improving skin texture, reducing scars, and treating signs of aging without surgery remains strong.

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