My personal experience with Lanluma


Hi it’s Jean. For those of you reading this article that don’t know me, welcome to our website. I am the Clinic Manager at Angels Twelve and happy to share my experiences with everyone especially when we have a new and innovative product to try.

I have now had 2 treatments of Lanluma in my neck and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Lanluma is a hybrid filler administered under local anaesthetic, so pain free, especially designed to treat large areas of the body. My neck, like lots of other ladies of a certain age, is always a problem. We can lift lines and wrinkles in the face relatively simply but  the neck area is a different entity and can often be the part that we are most concerned about. As always, we want to look the best, we possibly can for ourselves and our self-confidence so for Sinclair Pharma to develop a product specifically to address this problem means to us that they are a Company who listens to their clients concerns and moves forward with their already amazing range of dermal fillers to give us yet more non-surgical options.

I would recommend that anyone who would like any further advice or information book in to see Dr Olha for a complimentary consultation to see if this is the right option for you.

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