Charlotte’s story , real patient .

natural results with lip fillers using Maili

Extreme swelling in her lips made this young girl terrified and self-conscious for years.


Charlotte aged 22, came to Angels Twelve after she had a terrible experience with another  practitioner (qualifications not known)

“A few years ago, I decided to try lip fillers as my natural lips are so tiny. The first time I was happy but then I went to another practitioner who was cheap and that is the mistake that I would never make again.”

“My lips were swollen immediately after the injection, I was advised that this is normal, but by the time I got home swelling was much worse and I was terrified. I could not leave the house next day ; I had to cancel my work. It was terrible, I felt angry and embarrassed and blamed myself for being so naive.”

“Eventually the swelling went down but my lips did not look right.

At the time I was so scared that I decided to leave them as they were as I didn’t know who to trust.

This was until our salon started collaborating with Dr Olha and  Angels Twelve clinic .I listened to the practitioners(Dr.Olha and Claire) at an open evening that we held at the salon, I started to follow Dr.Olha on Instagram and I realized what a good results looks like . Then I asked if they could help me .

Dr.Olha kindly offer to correct my lips.”

“She checked for the presence of any old filler with ultrasound and discovered that it had migrated above my lip and that was what was giving the strange appearance to my face and lips. Then she dissolved my lips, I was fully numb, it was painless and even she advised that my lips may swell, but they did not.”

Then 2 weeks later she retreated them with using a Maili product. They looked great immediately and afterwards I didn’t even have a bruise.  When I came for review I was wondering if I could have more but Dr.Olha said no , and advised me to review them in 9-12 months and then decide .

I recommend their clinic to all my clients , I’m a hairdresser and my appearance is so important to me .I love my lips now.”

comments for practitioner Dr.Olha: extreme swelling often can result in filler migration. If you are not happy with the results of your treatment don’t live with it  . My first advice would be to get in touch with practitioner/clinic who did the treatment and if they are experienced and reputable, they should offer to correct it for you. If you experience difficulties with that then find another experienced professional in your area. make sure they are medically qualified that can be checked on GDC, GMC and NMC web sites and have experience to deal with complications or corrective work. And remember cheap is not always good!


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