Embarrassing Acne forget all about it – We’ve got your back

Whether it’s on your back, chest or body acne can make you feel embarrassed. You may well be able to cover up in some part but your face is a different matter. Ever had to get creative? Maybe you’ve hidden behind a hat and scarf, (not so easy in summer) held your head down, styled you hair to cover up or just not gone out because it’s just too difficult. Your not alone Acne is more common than people believe. Did you know that 6 out of 10 Britons have suffered from a skin condition at some point during their lifetime. Afterall, it is the largest organ of the body! For instance, 28% of the population admitted to suffering from acne at some stage. Of those 39% admitted to not knowing how to handle it. Some symptoms – hormonal, thickening of the skin, excess oil production, inflammatory, bacteria feeding from the oil. Not nice you would agree. A few points to consider Skin can be very inflamed. When using a manual exfoliation you are in fact causing bacteria on the skin to spread. Which can lead to more breakout. Best to use a glycolic, salicylic type face/body wash to help control the activity
Don’t avoid wearing moisturiser because your skin is oily! By applying a correct type moisturiser such a soothing calming product that hydrates without clogging the pores. Without can cause further oil production and breakout – the cycle continues
Nothing new here
Skin peels are not a new approach however, matching the right peel for your need is key. ​In the control of acne salicylic acid are a match made. Naturally occurring beta hydroxy acid help remove the thickness of the surface of the skin and control the activity helping to turnover new cells and speed up the wound healing process and battle the scarring and pigmentation.
Don’t let your acne rob you of your confidence. At Angels twelve we offer robust
chemical exfoliation by Enerpeel a high performance treatment without the downtime. Contact our skin experts on 0115 9506376 to arrange your free consultation to discuss your skincare solutions today

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