Peels in the summer? Why not!

Get Summer Ready at Angels Twelve

Did you know that even in the summer your skin can benefit from a cosmetic peel? Understandably this is when the skin is most exposed to UV rays’ free radicals and other external factors. However, you can provide adequate protection and care by choosing a chemical peel with mandelic acid.

Peels in the summer? Why not!

Absolutely! Why Not? As part of a regular skin care routine prescribed by our experts’ chemical peels are performed in clinic throughout the summer months. They are very effective and completely safe providing the appropriate acids are used. Our preferred summer booster is the mandelic peel and although there are no photosensitizing effects, sun protection and proper skin care after the treatment will be recommended.

How will you benefit from a summer peel?

Chemical peeling with the use of mandelic acid and carried out in the summer have many advantages. Here are a few examples.

It will help to remove the negative effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

It will help to delay the symptoms of photo ageing (wrinkles, discolorations and dry skin)

It is antibacterial, exfoliating and regulates the secretion of sebum;

It helps the relief of inflammation and is perfect in our fight against acne;

It strengthens, moisturisers and unifies the skin tone giving you a healthy, bright and fresh appearance.

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