What is skin tags?

Skin tags are small brown or flesh-coloured growths (it is up to  5cm in size). The skin tag is usually raised above the skin and also can hang from the surface of your skin.  Skin tags are made from collagen and also can blood vessels. Some skin tags can look like warts. Usually skin tags are harmless, however they can result in you catching jewellery or clothe and that can be uncomfortable. If you have skin tags on the area that is very visible it can affect your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious.

What causes skin tags?

There is no specific reason or causes for skin tags. They can affect anyone at any stage of their life. However there is some links that people more prone to develop skin tag when they undergo any hormonal changes , such as  :  pregnancy , menopause .

Is it safe to remove skin tags?

Yes, it is. We recommend that you have a full consultation with one of our Doctors who will advise if your skin tags can be removed.

What is the treatment involved ?

We offer two options to remove your skin tags

  1. Plasma pen. With help of this device our doctor can remove your skin tag. Device create plasma energy that with help of heat remove the skin tag from the surface leaving just a small brown dot. This will form a scab that will exfoliate within 7 days and most people don’t have any scarring or marks  left after.

Procedure is pain free and can be done under local or for small tags just topical anaesthetic.

  1. Surgical skin tag removal. Usually done under local anaesthetic. Doctor will use the scalpel to cut the skin tag. It is commonly used for larger skin tag. This way of removing skin tags can leave small scar that usually improves with time.

Our clinic regulated by Care Quality Commission ( CQC) . All skin tags removal performed by medical professionals only. Angels Twelve medical team have only Dentist and Doctors.


What is the cost ?

Cost starts from £75.00

Exact price will be given during your consultation appointment .

How long result will last?

Usually result is permanent. But sometimes skin tags have tendency to reappear and it can be in different areas.

You can book your consultation with our Doctors online or via the phone 01159506376.

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