Stay safe with Dermal Fillers

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How safe are Dermal Filler treatments?

Over the last few years, Dermal Fillers have become an increasingly popular treatment. It is considered to be safe and has many benefits, which are often sought upon due to the quick solutions they offer patients. Benefits can include correcting deep lines and wrinkles, add volume to the cheeks and lips, as well as giving a natural lift to the face. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are considered the most popular, widely used and safe products.

Like any medical cosmetic procedure there are however certain risks and we would always fully explain to our patients what these risks are prior to any treatment carried out. That way our patients can make an informed decision about proceeding with any treatment, and can feel confident that they are in safe hands with their chosen aesthetic practitioner.

Potential Side Effects, associated with the Injection Hyaluronic acid based fillers

• Discomfort/sensation during injection stage.
• Localised swelling, redness and tenderness at the injection site.
• Bleeding after injection
• Bruising; usually very mild
• Numbness of the area following injection as fillers may contain local aesthetic.
• Soft lumps in the treated area can sometimes occur immediately after the injection, however this can be resolved by the Aesthetic Doctor gently massaging the area.

Uncommon Side Effects

• Infection and inflammation
• Skin discoloration or ulceration
• Allergic or sensitivity reaction
• Abscess formation
• A Foreign body reaction known as ‘granuloma’ presenting as lumps or nodules 6-24 months’ post treatment
• Though extremely rare, transient visual disturbance or permanent blindness has been reported following injectable cosmetic treatment.

Generally Hyaluronic acid based fillers are very safe products, if they are used in correct hands. Serious complications are so rare in fact, that there are no available statistics of such incidents. Unfortunately, in the UK dermal fillers have not yet been classified as a medical procedure or as medication/prescription.
This makes it potentially dangerous to the public, as although only doctors, dentists and nurses can give the treatment, sometimes unqualified people can illegally get access to the products- therefore it is extremely important that you check your practitioner’s qualifications and are aware that just because they are offering to give you Dermal Fillers at reduced prices, it doesn’t mean that they are qualified to do so. Always choose reputable and safe Doctor with wide experience in such treatments.

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