Unique  Japanese  supplements for  health and longevity  exclusively available at Angels Twelve.

At our clinic, we love to hear about  research of  innovative products and treatments. We have always promoted a healthy balanced lifestyle and for a number of years Dr Olha has been looking to introduce Vitamin Supplements to compliment our treatments and enhance the wellbeing of our clients.

After in depth training and of course trying out these vitamins she has decided that all aspects of this range could benefit each and everyone who wants to age in a positive way, from both the inside out.

We are proud to be partners with Yotsuba and happy to share the improvements we believe; can help not only with the way we look but most importantly the way we feel.

Everyone around the world will know that the Japanese lifestyle and diet definitely contribute to their active long lives, but what you may not know is that over 90% of the population in Japan take additional supplements in comparison to only 37% in the UK. Our western approach is so different, we are influenced by everything around us, we have busy lives, probably working way past retiring age and really don’t have the opportunity to speak about diet and what our bodies need with our healthcare professionals. In Japan vitamins production  are governed by the Ministry of Health, accepted and recommended as part of a healthy maintenance routine. If you’ve seen the photos of the Japanese people doing yoga classes well into their 90’s it seems that’s the way to enjoy your later life.

Here’s some background as to why we chose Yotsuba.

All their products are ecologically sourced from clean areas, they are not mass produced and have strict quality control measures in place. Their key differences are within the ingredients, the unique formulation may help to improve the absorption of the vitamins take orally along with the vitamins in your food. They are recommended widely by health care professionals in Japan alongside nutritionists and fitness coaches there.

Here’s what we think along with some of our clients.

Jean has a tremor and was taking quite a high dose of a prescribed medication, which had quite severe side effects and was making life quite difficult. We sent her symptoms to the distributers of Yotsuba to ask for their advice. Jean was not a regular vitamin taker and was quite sceptical about the results. They recommended a 3 month course of Plasmax which helps with cognitive function along with a pro-biotic with 16 types of Lactic acid bacteria called Lacto Perfect. After 1 month she reduced her prescribed medication by 250mg and after month 2 by another 250mg. Now with just one tablet each day she manages her body without the horrible, dizziness, tiredness and foggy brain associated with the prescribed tablets. Now a convert and halved the dose of Plasmax she is now trying NAG which helps with joints and Cartlidge reconditioning. Update to follow.

Dr Olha has been researching vitamin supplements for years, including ranges only available in medical clinics. She had never felt any difference until she tried Yotsuba. Firstly, hugely increased energy levels but additionally she has never had so many compliments on her lovely clear skin. Dr Olha takes White Curcuminoid Glutathione, 16 lacto perfection Macro biotics, Nano Iron , Liposomal Vit C  and Tri Peptide Collagen drink.

Soodabeh also takes Plasmax, she feels that it has helped to clear her head and helps her memory and retention of information.

Claire takes Okinawa herbs to help with a full body detox and she has also taken Fermented Korean Gin-Seng for energy. This formulation enhances physical and mental ability it lowers blood glucose levels and helps to normalize blood pressure.

If you would like to know more about Yotsuba or any of our other products and services please give us a call we’ll be happy to help.

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