Your Face in the safe hands

​By Choosing Angels Twelve you can be sure your face in the safe hands.

​Angels Twelve are welcomes government Campaign to tackle ‘botched’ cosmetic procedures. We truly hope that change will be made and cosmetic procedure will become a regulated industry in the UK.

We hear and moreover see complications that may occur during Botox and Filler injection.

We receive referral and client contact us directly after had been to other clinics, including non-medics administer treatments.

Although it is rare to have sinister complication, but it can happen. And if it does you certainly would like to be in the hands of medics, who has access to medication, access to referral pass way , the person who can save your face or even your life.

At Angels Twelve we have only Medical professionals administrating cosmetic treatments such as Botox , Fillers, Threads, Carboxy therapy , non surgical face lift, skin booster injections.

For us it  is  not just a business we truly passion of what we do . We like to see great results of our work. As it is not only how our patients look, it is how they feel about themselves as well.

Angels Twelve practitioners are register with GDC, GMC, Save Face, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Dr.Olha also approved practitioner by Realself platform.

By Choosing Angels Twelve you can be sure your face in the safe hands.

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