Skin Peels; the basics

Enerpeel advanced skin peels system

Enerpeel is a range of chemical skin peels that ‘remodel’ your skin rather than ‘peel’ it. This means you can achieve results without the excessive peeling and exfoliation.

What can be treated?

  • Rosacea
  • Signs of ageing
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  •  Sun damaged skin
  •  Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne Scarring
  • Fine lines and pigmentation around the eyes
  • Body acne and spots

We offer a wide range of Enerpeel to target different conditions

  1. Mandelic Acid: This is an introductory peel designed for sensitive, quick-reacting skin. It can be used for the treatment of rosacea and signs of ageing.
  2. Pyruvic Acid Used to control oily skin as well as fight the signs of ageing and sun damage Salicylic Acid. Best for acne prone skin
  3. Jessners peel (Salicylic and Lactic Acid) Used to reduce hyperpigmentation, the common signs of ageing and sun damage
  4. TCA Peel This relatively strong peel is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, the signs of ageing and acne scarring
  5. Eye & Lip Peel A specialist skin peel to target lines, wrinkles, dark circles and smokers lines around the eye and lip area.

Body peels:Bespoke Enerpeel : Your Doctor can combine different types of Enerpeel during one treatment to achieve the best possible result for your skin.For example you may have dry and sun damaged skin around forehead, oily , prone to acne skin in your T-zone ( nose, chin area) and sensitive prone to rosea round the malar ( cheeks) . To achieve the best possible result 2 or 3 types of peels will be applied to this areas. This approach allows to minimise possible side effects and maximum result can be achieved. Price for bespoke peels starts from £250 per 1 treatment.

How many treatments I will need to achieve desirable result?

It is very individual and will be discussed during your consultation. Number of treatments will be determine by your skin condition and what type of peel we will recommend to use. Some peels such as Mandelic can be done as one-off treatment, also known as ‘red carpet’ facial. Most peels advisable to take as a course of 4 or 5 treatments to get optimum long-lasting result.How long result will last?After one treatment you will notice and feel the improvement that may last 1-4 weeks. If you undergo a course of 4-5 peels you can expect result to last up to 6-8 months.

Are there any side-effects?At Angels Twelve clinic we delivering the highest standard of care and ensure that down time and complications related to treatments are completely avoidable where is possible or reduced to minimum. Therefore, you will be prescribed individual medical grade skin care products to prepare your skin for 2-4 weeks prior skin peel treatment. This significantly reduces chances of side effects that sometimes can occur with skin peels.

Potential side effects. SensitivityMild redness, dryness and exfoliationUncommon side effects:RashesHyper or hypo pigmentation

Why not give your skin an extra boost and bring back a natural, healthy and youthful appearance?

Skin peels can rejuvenate your skin and almost instantly take years off your look.

Indications for skin peel:

  1. General Photo Ageing, Smokers Skin, Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Open Pores
  2. Hyperpigmentation (sun damage)
  3. Lentigines and (solar) Keratosis – Face/Hands/Forearms
  4. Active Acne

What to expect from the skin peel treatments?

After the first session, you will notice an instant improvement. Patients will report a brighter skin and improvement in texture and tone.Peels help to reduce mild to moderate acne and are an excellent Anti-Aging treatment.

What skin peel do we use?

We use ‘Skin Tech’ products which are medical grade peels and can be only applied by specially qualified Medical practitioners. Two popular types we offer are:

  1. Easy Phytic – this can be performed as a single peel treatment or a course of 4 to 6 treatments. It is a favourite of celebrities as its effects are impressive and yet there is only a minimal recovery time.
  2. Easy 15% TCA Peels are recommended as a course of 4 treatments and offer a deeper treatment for more problematic skin.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment takes approximately 30 mins. The procedure involves a skin assessment, pre-peel preparation, application of the peeling solution and post peel skin care. The treatment is pain free and you can apply make-up in around 24 hours afterwards.

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