Best anti ageing treatment for natural result

Dr.Olha’s recommends  to look  at the midface – cheeks.

I would like in this article explain to my patients and readers how to achieve the best result with cosmetic treatments and why full face approach is so important to get natural  long  lasting result.

When new patient comes through the door of my clinic after observing their face for 10-15 min I know exactly what treatment they need to achieve their aesthetic  and beauty goal and be the best version of themselves.

We hear it all the time ‘best version of you ‘ but what actually it means? Meaning is different to each person . Someone wants to look younger , other more attractive , more contour , more define .Patients who age over 40  often have a goal to look less tired , less sad , less saggy .

I advocate treatments that have the  power not just to address and treat the problem but impact on how we feel about ourselves.

My aim is  to improve not just patient look but their well-being , their self-esteem , their confidence .

This type of treatments require looking at face as a one unit and use full face approach during treatment plan.

Beauty about non surgical treatments that result can be achieved gradually and your treatment plan can be divided into few visits . Why it is so important ? First of all it helps with the cost , as we know quality is never cheap but we  want  to make it as affordable  to our patients

Second some people specially those who are new to medical aesthetics prefer to have gradual improvement.

One of the main reasons that I use full face approach is that we treat the cause of your actual problem and this what gives the best most natural long lasting effect .

We all different and every patient has different aesthetic and beauty goals and needs  but interesting fact that there are some core areas of our face that we always address first to prevent , reverse and treat signs of ageing .

This area is our midface -cheeks

Cheeks are very important to us they work as  a structural foundation of our face they create support for the upper face and give lifting effect to our lower face .

The most common treatment that we use for our cheeks are HA fillers or PDO treads and in some cases both options can be combined together.

What improvement you can expect after cheek area has been treated: more defined jaw line, less tired lower eyelid, reduction in appearance of naso-labial and marionette lines , more defined cheek bone .

Mid-face treatment  range  in cost from £540 to £1080 at our clinic.

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