Male treatments

At Angels Twelve  we have a  great experience in treating male patients. Male patients have different  anatomy and age different compare to women . With this in mind it is sensible to come to a clinic with experience in the art of male facial aesthetics. With the right practitioner facial treatments can be administered while retaining the masculine and rugged look.  At  our clinic we can offer our male patients  to look younger, calmer, less tired and de stressed  with still look natural and keep their own individuality.

The male face is unique and must be approached and treated differently from a female face. 

1) Male facial skin is thicker  produce  more sebum and sweat . A combination of these result in bigger facial pores and uneven facial skin texture.
2) Men are more likely to  be exposed to sunlight (UV). Therefore, men's facial skin ages quicker and are more prone to pigmentation.
3) Men have less volume in the cheek area (3mm less than women). This results in flatter cheeks in men.
4) Men have stringer musculature of the face and therefore more likely to have dipper and more prominent wrinkles , when women more likely to suffer with more superficial lines .

We offer the following treatments to our male patients :

-Anti-wrinkle treatments

-Dermal filler for men

-PDO thread lift 

- CO2  for hair loss

-Skin peels

-Medical micro -needling 

-PRP for hair loss

-Skin care 

-Male express facials

-LED quick fix therapy