5 Top tips to look after your hair in winter:

5 Top tips to look after your hair in winter:

 1.Regular trims. The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of those dry ends.

2.Mask/Treatments weekly. ¨ Label.m intensive mask (Concentrated smoothing treatment to replenish lost moisture and improve manageability.) ¨ Label.m Honey & oat mask (Hydrating and strengthening treatment with hydra-5 complex targeted.) ¨ Label.m intensive repair conditioner (deeply nourishing to repair from the inside out leaving hair shiny.)

  1. Keep washing to a minimum. Reduce washing to a maximum of 3 times a week this will help to keep your natural oils in you hair through the winter period.
  2. Reduced heat when styling. Try to apply less heat when styling for example when you are drying and styling your hair put on a cooler temperature setting this will help to reduce the heat on your hair through winter.
  3. Avoid ponytails. Wearing your hair down as much as possible will prevent the additional breakage that a bobble creates. If you do wear a ponytail, try to wear it at different heights each time to avoid too much pressure in one area.

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