A Leading Example of the Approach to Modern Medical Aesthetics

Angels Twelve is an aesthetic treatment clinic dedicated to doing things differently, hoping to
inspire a young industry towards positive change.

A high-end beauty and
aesthetic treatment
clinic, Angels Twelve
is a business built
with professionalism
in mind. It offers training facilities
and courses for aestheticians and
medical professionals, specialising
in beautification through antiaging treatments and offering the
services of its staff and trainees
to its end users. With all the
education that it offers, it seeks to
guarantee natural results for its
patients. The founder, Dr Olha,
is the founder of both Angels
Twelve and Shine Medical, and is
a Dentist, Aesthetic Practitioner,
International Speaker, and
published author in her fields.
Alongside owning and leading
the two incredibly successful
clinics, she also leads courses for
the Cosmetic Courses Training
Academy in the Midlands as a
Clinical Lead. She uses this myriad
of diverse and deep experience to
ensure that every service Angels
Twelve offers is among the best.
Additionally, Dr. Olha has used
the time leading such courses to
ensure that the courses she offers
through her training academy are
equally rigorous. The medical
team in both Angels Twelve and
Shine Medical are under her direct
supervision, and both provide the
best evidence-based treatments in
a safe environment.
Based in Nottingham and
Long Eaton, Angels Twelve
offers everything from facial
aesthetic services and beauty
to hairdressing services,
handling a wide portfolio with its
highly competent compliment
of staff. Its commitment to an
individualised and personable
approach helps its clients
achieve the look they want to
see. Furthermore, its team each
handle a wide variety of services
that is truly multidisciplinary.
Skincare being its specialty, its
aim is to enhance confidence
and reduce self-esteem issues
for its clients. As well as one off
treatments, it serves this aim with
its prescriptive treatment plans
that are devised and improved
upon in house.
Its mission is to raise the standards
of quality and service internally
and in its industry by leading from
the front. As the aesthetic industry
is currently unregulated, it strives
to maintain its internal regulations
with the highest degree of safety
and professionalism. It is also a
key voice in the campaign towards
implementing these missing
regulations in the industry, as it
is aware that untrained people
working within its ranks harms
the sector on a macro level as
well as the patients those people
see. Angels Twelve’s values are
all about personal ethics and
personal service, with excellent
and empathetic attitudes towards
its customers. It works to provide
a comfortable and welcoming
service, putting minds at ease
with its dedication to actively
showing how they have corrected
so many procedures that are done
incorrectly by untrained hands. At
its core is the atmosphere it wishes
to cultivate of mutual collaboration
between beauty and medical care.
In this way, it prizes using proven
and certified techniques to restore
outer beauty but also to enhance
emotional wellbeing.
Alongside its medical
professionals, its staff also consist
of an admin team that ensures
everything runs smoothly in terms
of bookings and logistics. This
allows the medical team to focus
on Angels Twelve’s clients and
their own training, the intensive
nature of which is supported by
Cosmetic Courses, the largest
trainer of medical aesthetics
courses in the country. Its clinic is
CQC registered, within two years
it outgrew its old headquarters and
had to upsize, and the glowing
reviews left by its clients speak
volumes as to the character of this
small but determined business.
Its private clinic serves
clients of all ages from 21 to
85. Furthermore, its training
departments work to train
throughout all levels of expertise
from foundation to advanced PDO
thread lifting – and internally, this
attitude to training permeates
all levels of its business. From
the junior level to the owner,
each person is confident in their
duties and tasks and is supported
through their career within the
enterprise. It facilitates regular
staff meetings and brain storming
sessions to keep fresh ideas
behind every move, encouraging
a familial atmosphere between
the staff that is extended out to
the customers. Due to this, it is
picky when it comes to new staff,
as it must find people who will fit
well within the existing ecosystem
it has created – however, it is
forever looking to find and support
new voices and talent. During
the pandemic, it found that its
attitude and the rapport it had
built with its customers kept it
afloat. People maintained their
appointments and kept supporting
it through its online presence,
which was invaluable to morale.
Bolstered by this, after the tumult
of the outbreak has died down,
Angels Twelve has big plans for
further growth. It seeks to add hair
transplants and private cosmetic
dentistry to its roster of services,
as well as continuing to support
charities and give back to its
community in its ongoing support
of the Gedling junior team.

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