Yes, I know it’s a line from a fantastic musical but when I was thinking about writing this article it immediately came to mind. I have been asked to share my very personal experience from the very beginning of my journey to achieving and maintaining a positive approach to looking and feeling good throughout my ageing process.

I’m 62 years old now and it makes me smile when others question my date of birth, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I look 21 again but what I am saying is that I think I look the best I possibly can for my age and it makes me happy and confident in my day-to-day life.

7 years ago I was recommended to see Dr Olha after chatting with a work colleague who had seen her in clinic. My lower face was my concern and although I wasn’t happy with my under eye area I really did think that only surgery would correct the problem, how wrong could I be. I didn’t make the call straight away I had to think about it for weeks before I decided to take some advice. On my first visit I felt completely at ease, with no pressure to “go for it” there and then, I asked lots of questions and still I had to go away and decide if aesthetics was the right path for me or should I have medical facials and skin care. I made another appointment and discussed things further and decided to try a Fire and Ice facial before I went ahead with anything else. At this point I was still quite scared of aesthetics; Would I like it? Will it hurt? And all the usual feelings I’m certain everyone goes through before making a start. After more deliberation and with butterflies in my tummy I decided to go ahead and make a tiny little step with 1ml of Juvederm in my marionette lines. It didn’t hurt and although the difference was minimal to everyone else it gave me the courage to carry on, because this is something I had decided to do “just for me “and I loved it.

Over the years now I have had multiple treatments with each enhancing the results of the previous. Under Dr Olha’s guidance I’ve tried and tested more advanced procedures and together we’ve reviewed regularly what works for me, because we are all individual and what you see on others is not always what’s right for you, going back to my title “this is me.” And after thinking that my eyes were something I have to live with, I now, without surgery, have the most amazing results without puffiness bagginess lines or dark circles!

For regular clients at the Angels Twelve clinic you will have probably realised that “this is me” Jean, I’m lucky now to work closely with Dr Olha and help to make our customer journey their individual experience. For people who are still thinking about it I am happy to share my experience with you all.

My advice to anyone who is considering any kind of skin treatment, or in fact investing in any skin product to use at home, is to book an online consultation with Dr Olha to see what’s right for YOU.

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