Advanced nutrition …. are you getting your daily dose?

Are you getting your daily dose?

If you’ve ever question whether you are getting the right amount of nutrients in your diet you’re not alone.  Vitamins – A placebo or true benefit.  I’m here to tell you, not all vitamin producers are made equal.

The NHS suggest we should get enough nutrients eating a balanced diet however, statistics show that fruit and vegetables produced decades ago were richer in nutrients verses what is grown today. The main culprit in this worrying trend is soil depletion.  Simply not enough nutrients are getting into our foods.  In today’s lifestyle we don’t always eat optimally therefore supplement can offer help with our overall diets.  Choosing the right one if you don’t know can be hit or miss.

My colleague and I have recently attended training on Advance Nutrition @iiaa (The International Institute for Anti-Aging).  I was blown away with the level of proven results on skin in areas such as elasticity, smoothness, wrinkle depth decreased, hydration etc and how well it combated the external and internal effects on skin such as light exposure, environmental toxins, stress, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and lack of sleep.

Here at Angels Twelve we have teamed up with Advance NUTRITION to deliver the highest level of efficacy in vitamins for you.  Together with great skincare programmes such as ENVIRON we are able to tailor the needs of our clients expertly, maybe that’s why our clients love our service so much!

If you would like more information on finding the right vitamins for your needs or wish to have a complimentary skin analysis give us a call today  on 0115 9506376

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