Anti-ageing stars- ceramides

Anti-Ageing Stars – Ceramides

We take a look at one of the key ingredients that supports great skincare and the benefits of them.

Firstly, what are Ceramides?

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (fats) which seal in moisture at the epidermal layer, waterproofing skin and supporting its natural barrier to protect against pollutants and bacteria.

Their main anti-ageing benefits is that they provide a waterproof protective barrier and prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TWEL) maintaining skin hydration levels while keeping bacteria and pollutants out – vital for clients living in urban areas.  Ceramides and hyaluronic acid are perfect companions: they forma helps to maintain lipid levels the latter attracts water and holds it in the skin.  Combine them, and you’ve got an anti-ageing powerhouse.

What are the signs of ceramide loss?

The natural ageing process affects us in many ways.  External factors such as UV radiation, pollutants, poor diet, and even winter months can also sap the supply, so it’s important to replenish them.  Without adequate levels, the skin’s protective barrier is compromised.  If that wasn’t bad enough low ceramide levels make signs of ageing more prominent – wrinkles appear worse when skin is dehydrated.

Let’s create some more!

Although there are many creams on the market that contain ceramides, it’s more effective to provide skin with the tools to make its own.  Vitamin A has a normalising effect and helps to create healthy cells. You may already know the benefits of topical ceramides but did you know that incredible results can be achieved in consuming them orally.

Now for the science

When you reach your 30s, you have lost about 40 percent of your skin’s ceramides, and by your 40s, you have lost 60 percent of your skin’s natural ceramides.  Thinning skin is a direct result of declining levels of ceramides affecting elasticity and toughness of skin.  A result of heightened appearance of fine lines, especially around the eye.

In conclusion

By introducing oral vitamins with efficacy (proven results) combined with a topical product along with a good diet can have a greater effect on reversing the signs of ageing in our skin.

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