Show me your hands and I will tell you your age

Show me your hands and I will tell you your age

Our hands are one of the first areas that start to show signs of ageing.

As well as developing age spots and wrinkles the skin on your hands loose collagen which makes them looks thin and shallow.

There are multiple factors that contribute to hands skin ageing:


-Life style

-Type of job that we do

It is no secret that regular hand washing and the application of antibacterial gel, which is an essential part of our daily routine, can make skin very dry and cause it to look older.

People of certain professions like: health care workers, chefs and cleaners are more likely to have dry skin on their hands.

But today, we have all been following best hygiene practices and the frequent washing of your hands has become a normal routine.

This is excellent for keeping high standards of hygiene. But what can we do to keep our hands looking young?

Often, we will hear that hands, neck and decalage can give away women age. And this is very true.

Skin of those areas are usually naturally thinner in comparison to the rest of the body and also frequent washing of hands and exposure to the sun speed up ageing process.

And let’s be honest not everyone religiously applies hand creams, it’s the area we all seem to forget so therefore they are often neglected.


In this article I want to share with you what options you have to prevent and treat the signs of ageing on your hands

Let’s start with the basics – Hands Cream, it can be the cheapest or the most expensive but when it is bought over the counter it pretty much will do the same job.

You have numerous choices:

Hand cream from Body Shop £5.00

Profhilo cream £65.00

La Mer £85

It is a great job that you look after the skin on your hands and it certainly will help to delay the signs of ageing but unfortunately will not reverse them.

For those hands just starting to show the signs of ageing and dehydration there are a number of holistic non-invasive treatment available in clinic

Micro-dermabrasion is an excellent treatment to improve fine lines, remove age spots and dead skin cells.

 Usually it will be effective as a course of 3 to 6 treatments with the cost of £45 per session


Skin peels we recommend Pyruvic or Jesner peel for your hands .

Pyruvic acid will help those hands that have fine lines and wrinkles

Jesner is excellent to treat age spots and pigmentation

And by combining both peels together you will notice a remarkable improvement in skin quality, tone and texture

Cost is from £100 per session

We recommend 3-4 sessions 4 weeks apart


For more mature skin on the hands and those hands that have lost volume we can reverse this undesirable sign of ageing and replace lost volume.

If you are just looking for extra hydration and rejuvenation, we offer Profhilo treatment on the hands this will target those unwanted lines and improve skin texture.

Profhilo is pure Hyaluronic acid that naturally remodels your skin,

The cost is £450.00 and we recommend 2 sessions 4 weeks apart



If your lost volume has caused your hands to look boney then Radiesse Filler will be right solution for you

Hydroxiapapttite based, it replaces lost volume and stimulates the production of new collagen at the same time.


Cost of the treatment is £600 and the results last up to 12 months. Only 1 session required

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