What is alcohol impact on your beauty?

What impact does alcohol have on your appearance?

There is no secret that regular consumption of alcohol has negative impact on our health.

However not everyone thinks about its impact on women’s beauty and especially her smile.

After work drinks, a glass of wine or two after a busy day at work, a few cocktails over the weekend and sometimes even more became have a become the ‘norm’ of a busy life.

At least it was until 5 weeks ago. Now many people are in quarantine and self-isolating at home and for some a casual drink in the afternoon seems like a no harm at all. But it all adds up.

We would like to share with you some facts about alcohol impact on your youth, beauty and skin health

Skin – is a mirror of our inner health. Regular or high alcohol intake dehydrates your skin, results in appearance of early wrinkles. I’m sure you have noticed that people who regularly drink have very noticeable redness around the cheeks and nose. That is broken capillaries that often not an easy one to treat.
Acne – not the most pleasant surprise that can appear on your skin. Wine and cocktails contain high amount of sugar that can trigger your acne to flare.  Also, it can result in open pores and more congested skin.

Smile – Drinking prosecco and wine (especially white) can result in enamel erosion, while red wine is likely to stain your teeth. Again, high concentration of sugar in cocktails and wine can result in increase of dental decay. There is also link between gum disease and high alcohol consumption.

As with everything it is about moderation. When one glass of wine has never made anyone 10 years older straight away. Please think before you drink your third cocktail or open another bottle of prosecco would it be worth that tomorrow in the mirror you will be looking at the girl with a puffy face, deep naso-labial folds, tired eyes and dull skin?

I would know what would by my answer to that.

Please drink responsibly.

Love and care from all Angels Twelve team.

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