dermal filler complication

Lumps, Bumps Migration and Dissolving explained, along with some things you should consider before undergoing any treatment.

Dermal fillers are popular in both men and women, if administered correctly and safely they can and will help naturally with your ageing process making you feel more confident and look much fresher. If you have decided to go ahead with some treatment or if you are just considering the options there are a few things you should know before taking the next step.

When the treatments are done by an experienced doctor, they would know how important it is to inject the correct amount of product to achieve the result required. They can expertly control the quantity placed in a specific area to reduce the risk of “over filling” which can cause the filler to find the closest empty space and settle incorrectly. To help prevent this happening make sure you inform your doctor if you have had any treatments previously.

Dissolving Dermal Fillers

If the product used is hyaluronic based then it is a naturally occurring substance absorbed in the human body. Although a large percentage of products are synthetic hyaluronic acid, they easily integrate within the body tissue. Over time they will stimulate the production of collagen and flush out through the lymphatic system. These products are easily dissolved by an experienced practitioner, but it is not an option you should consider lightly and by following the guidelines and asking the right questions should very rarely be necessary. Always check what is being used to treat you as some products cannot be dissolved.

When would you need to dissolve Dermal Fillers?

Very rarely. This is not routine treatment.

But under certain circumstances dissolving can be a good options and help to prevent further complications and reverse effect of unpleasant aesthetics results.

These are the most common reasons when your Doctor can offer dissolving fillers :

1.If the product has been place incorrectly causing lumps and bumps.

2.If the product that was used caused an  allergic reaction.

  1. When you not happy with treatment results
  2. When product has migrated
  3. When vascular occlusion has happen during the filler placement . To minimise this risks practitioner will use cannula and when use needle will always aspirate before placing products .

How will you look and feel on the day after fillers been dissolved?

Although you should expect to see immediate improvement it can take up to 5-7 days to see full effect  . You should be booked for a review of your treatment within 24 hours ( face to face or over the phone)  .

Sometimes you may need more than one session of dissolving  to break down all  unwanted filler .

What the dissolving involve?

Enzyme called Hyaluronidase use to break down Haylouronic acid based fillers.

Usually practitioner will perform patch test on your arm  30 min before the treatment , to make sure you don’t have allergic reaction to the product   .


Common side effects could include slight redness or swelling and could, but not always, cause some bruising which will clear over a few days.

Some areas like lips can have more obvious swelling after dissolving treatment and you can take some antihistamines.

Very rare Hyaluronidases treatment can result in anaphylactic reaction , therefore  you only should have this treatment done with medical professionals who have all necessary medical equipment available at the clinic to deal with complications if any arise .


With an expert Medical Professional Dermal Fillers are a natural, long lasting and non-invasive option to surgery without any down-time.

Research your Doctor, research the clinic and look at what other clients are saying. Make your choice carefully and look forward to a fresher looking you!


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