In June it was my 12th wedding anniversary.

Every time I close my eyes, I remember that day like it was just yesterday.

One of the most important days in any girl life.  This special day you have a chance to feel like a real-life princess. To create the most unforgettable memories, have the most beautiful photos. It’s the day when life is at its best and a happy healthy future is your dream.

Is it really that easy to organize and enjoy the big day?  Well, it was for me and that is exactly why I thought I’d share my secrets to a perfect wedding with everyone today.

I was only 25 when I got married and despite being young, although I didn’t think I was young at the time, I knew exactly how I wanted my wedding to be.

It was not about the venue, the number of guests, the dress, the food or the cars or any other wedding attributes. It was about me and my soon to be husband, he was and is my man for life and the only one I was ever going to marry. I wanted to ensure that it would be the best day of our lives and one that we would never forget.

I planned and organised the big day myself and yes it was a beautiful dress, a nice venue and amazing tasty food that never stopped being served.  But the main rule was everything focused on us, the new married family.

My very laid-back attitude and chilled mood, made the big day utterly and completely stress free.  Most guests commented that it was the most relaxed wedding they had ever been too.

Our wedding was in Ukraine and by our Ukrainian tradition’s weddings are organised very quickly, no years of planning or waiting. I always say when you know you know, no time needed.

My future husband proposed to me on our 1st Christmas together and 6 month later we were husband and wife.

Despite my relaxed attitude towards the wedding day, I had very disciplined and particular expectations about our appearance.  Everything and everyone should look and feel perfect.

Forgive me if you disagree but I believe that when you look good you feel good and I don’t see it any other way.

Gym sessions became very productive for both of us.

And as you would expect from me, I will be giving you some skin care and pre wedding skin treatment advice to help you look and feel your best for your very personal special day.

When I was younger, just like most of us, I suffered from break outs and I could not even imagine a spot appearing on my face for my wedding day, it would be considered as catastrophe for me. 

I had a good skin care routine (at the time I used Clarins and Guerlain) but I decided to get professional advice and help. I started to have regular facials and micro dermabrasions, I tried lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage on my face to give it a sharper look.  I did enquire about Botox, but I look back now and realise that I was given honest and professional advice that I didn’t need it at that time.

Lip fillers were on my radar for a few years, even before my wedding. But guess what I freaked out and did not have them done.  This is the only thing that I regret when I look back at the photos. I had them a few months after the wedding by my skilful husband who is a medical Doctor and who introduced me to the wonderful world of medical aesthetics.

The rest is just finer detail: the hair, the makeup and the dress. Remember, the most import part of your day are the two people making life long promises to each other and feeling amazing.

At my clinic we love to hear your wedding stories, if you are a bride to be, we will be happy to help you to feel less stressed, proud and confident about your skin, in preparation for a fantastic day. We offer free consultations that can be done by Zoom or What’s up in the comfort of your own home.

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