Did you know that the average women spends 330 hours a year on the application of makeup and 75% of women don’t leave the house without it as they don’t feel confident in their skin quality, this is because a surprising 1 in 5 of all adults suffer with skin problems such as Acne , Sensitivity and Pigmentation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


At Angels Twelve Dr.Olha and her team of expert  Doctors and Aestheticians are dedicated to helping their patients  achieve healthy skin. Through expert advice, prescriptive skin care and clinically proven skin treatments it is possible to change the way you treat and maintain the healthiest complexion. In clinic with use of latest products and technologies you can see the results in s little as three treatments. Dr.Olha’s says  “ At our clinic we use only products that are developed, tested and approved by Dermatologist around the World. We also use just few brands that we researched over time, believe in and trust. Seeing exceptional results in our patients’ skin over the years is what we are most proud of’.


Today we bring Dr.Olha’s expert opinion to our readers homes .


Dr.Olha’s advises  that we  need to start looking after our skin, body and health from the moment we are born. And this starts with a healthy balanced diet, exercise, rest and emotional wellbeing. Not always possible in our usual busy schedules, so let’s make the most of the time in isolation to get in to new habits

Did you know that a lot of core ingredients used in skin care can be found in your kitchen cupboard or even in your fridge?  Yes, that is exactly right. You may have heard this from your grandmother but considering todays unprecedented situation and time, this advice becomes quite handy.

Ingredients such as honey, yogurt, eggs, oats, avocado, cucumber, turmeric, cacao powder and lemon have been widely used for home-made tonics and masks. Goolgle the question you’ll be surprised at the results.

A little do it yourself that doesn’t include clearing out your wardrobes will certainly give a confidence boost, a little “me time” and added benefits to your skin. Be careful though as these methods have some disadvantages, the result will depend of the quality of the ingredients that you use. It can be quite messy and you will need to use it on the day that it’s made. Also make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, even if you apply them to your skin, they can still cause similar effects as if you had digested the food.

Dr.Olha’s professional opinion is that natural ingredients are great, certainly better than doing nothing! Obviously professional skin can be more effective, especially if you have any skin issues such as acne, rosacea or melasma. So if you’re normally too busy to try either making your own masks and lotions what’s the problem now? You might just enjoy it and see the benefits, it’s definitely worth a try! But if you would like any advice on great quality skin care products to provide results then let us know. We can chat on face time and post your products directly to your home it couldn’t be easier.   But if you’re like us you probably already have a draw full of different skin products some of it has probably been lying in your bathroom cabinets for a while.  So before rushing online and buying more skin care do your cupboard clearance and see what you have.

What you need check: let’s start with the basics, look at the expiry date, if your product has expired then bin it, don’t use it. Second, take a look at the how long product can be kept after opening, if it was longer than 6-month (average) bin it. BE SAFE NOT SORRY.

What should a basic skin routine include?


For normal skin types Dr.Olha recommends  a cleanser  that will deep cleanse surface skin and clear pores without drying the skin, while  gently resurfacing and removing dead skin cells. This will help to control any unwanted breakouts, even if we’re confined to our homes who wants a spot!                                                   Products available in clinic and are available to order are IS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Gly C Cleanser from Tebiskin and Environ Gel Foaming Cleanser

For sensitive skin type we would advise a cleanser with soothing effects and even creamy consistency, honey, camomile and aloe vera can all have quite good antibacterial and soothing effects. From our skin care range we would advise Sooth clean from Tebiskin , or Warming  Honey Cleanser from IS clinical

For oily or acne skin we would advise a slightly more abrasive cleanse with antibacterial properties, ideally it would include salicylic acid in its ingredients,it can be ideal. We advise:  OSK Cleanser from our Tebiskin range


Toner Helps to remove residual cleanser and make-up while maintaining the effects of the natural pH balance levels of the skin. Contains antioxidants that assist in enhancing the appearance of a firmer and smoother complexion, leaving skin looking younger for longer.

We advise Vita Peptide toner from Environ


Treatments this will depends on your skin condition and what you are trying to achieve.

It can be a serum, cream, peptide gel or mask.

For an anti-ageing routine look for key ingredients such as Vit A retinoids, Vit C or for hydration or look for Vit E hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Our favourite products are Environ Serums with Vit A and Defence Cream, Obagi Vit C serum, Active serum from IS Clinical

For the treatment of pigmentation look for a high concentration of Retinoids and Hydroquinone. Based on the 9 years of clinical experience treating different skin conditions, Obagi Nu derm medical prescriptive skin care has proven to be the most effective product to treat pigmentation in the comfort of your own home. Also available to order after a face time consultation with Dr Olha. Call for more details

For acne treatment look for ingredients such as ceramides and salicylic acid or Vit A. Our favourites are OSK range from Tebiskin and the Obagi Nu derm system


Moisturiser not every skin needs it. Are you surprised by that statement?  If you don’t suffer from dry skin you may only need to use your moisturiser once a day or even just a few times each week? You see, if you have the right active ingredients in your products you can get the best results and save some money along the way. Speak to your Doctor or therapist for further advice. When choosing  a moisturiser look for the one that’s easily absorbed by your skin and has anti-oxidants to create a protective barrier.

We love HYAL from Tebiskin or Moisturising Complex from IS Clinical

Eye cream, eye gels, creams or  serums with a small % of Vit A C and E, have excellent rejuvenating properties

Our favourite product is Vita peptide gel from Environ or Elastoderm from Obagi

Protection   make sure you wear SPF every morning, even in winter! We love Heliocare or Environ RAD


And last but definitely not least! IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO GET YOU SKIN CARE ADVISE FROM A COSMETIC DOCTOR, DERMATOLOGIST OR EXPERIENCED AESTHETITIAN. Book a consultation, it is free and we offer it digitally in the comfort of your own home.  This is the first and the most important step on discovering the new potential of your skin. You may never need your foundation again. GREAT SKIN, SAVE MONEY AND 330 HOURS OF YOUR TIME EVERY YEAR!!!


To arrange your skin digital skin consultation call us or email

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