What value do you put on your health?

Did you see last week’s BBC highlights, it was about illegal and unlicensed Botox and Dermal fillers supply.  Three people have been arrested  and Andy Morling, MHRA’s deputy director of criminal enforcement said: “Medicines like these are powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands, potentially leading to serious adverse health consequences”.

“The criminals trading in these products are not only breaking the law, they also have no regard for your safety ‘and would not be in a position to help if any adverse reactions were to occur.

The ugly reality is that this is just a tiny drop in the whole dark and unregulated world of facial aesthetics in the UK.  We see in our clinic now more often than before people asking for some help to fix the problems that have occurred from something that was looking so attractive and like a very good deal.

Here are just a few examples:

Swollen eyelids from incorrectly placed tear trough fillers

Facial burns from having lasers without a patch test

Over corrected lips with lumps, migrated fillers and asymmetrical smiles which have left patients absolutely traumatized due to such an experience.

Faces that look like they have had some body modification treatments, and even look like an alien after incorrectly placed PDO threads.

We know how misleading advertising can be but in reality, only you and you alone can protect yourself from falling into the trap. As sadly there is no law on the UK that can stop this,


Here are few important tips for our patients whose safety is absolute paramount

  1. In our opinion and in the best interests of your safety only medical professionals should be performing injectables treatments. Even if you may think your best friend who is non medic can do a very good job. Here are some facts: there are no pharmacies who supply licenced products would supply them to non-medics .

To check if your Doctor/Dentist or Nurse is real   please visit GMC, GDC and NMC web sites and check their name on the register or you may need to ask for their PIN,

  1. Their experience is also something you should consider and question, because they may be one of the best GP’s or an A&E consultant but that in itself does not make them an expert in facial aesthetics. At least they should complete the required training and have some experience. Of course, it goes without saying the more experience they have the better and safer it is for you.

Ask to see unfiltered before and after

  1. photos of their work, because in our opinion medical aesthetics is an art and you want to see the work of your practitioner
  2. Support, what support will you have following the treatment? Aftercare advice, follow up appointments
  3. Products , never be afraid to ask what products they use and why.


And the most important thing is to have trust in your practitioner and their clinic .

You only have one face; one health and one life please look after it well.


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