You’ve sharpened your dark and dusty eyeliner starting from the corner of the eyes and working your way out, swept the roots of your lashes and covered the area above the upper eyelids with a matte base shadow that matches with the lightest part of your skin. But wait a minute; don’t you think you forgot one tiny little detail before you set out to start your glorious day?

The critical spot that lies in the area of your lower lash line wasn’t a big thing a few years ago. However, thanks to some celebs and the red carpet, this area is finally getting its well-deserved attention.

Why underliner?

Well, that is not even the right question. The right question should be why not an underliner? The drama creates by giving your eyes the shape it needs to entice someone with your look is unexplainable. It offers a confident tone and a strengthening effect to the eye that adds to the sexiness of your mighty gaze!

If you still think it’s not worth the trouble then think about these three highlights of the day about underliners:
It is one of the active ways of baby-stepping into the trend set up by the red carpet during award season that became the talk of the town.
It gives you the cool and current vibe that takes you back to the 60’s.
It makes your eyes look larger and lifted- who wouldn’t go for the big, wild mesmerizing eyes now?

How to do underliner:

Although an underliner is something that would suit on anyone’s face, however, if you know the right type of underliner that should go with the shape of your eye, then you can pull off this tiny detail like a pro.

Rounded and small eyes:
For rounded or small eyes, don’t take the underliner all the way into the inner corner or you’ll make your eyes look too close set. For round eyes, try making the line a little thinner in the lowest part of your eye.

Big eyes:
For big eyes, draw a thin line on the top lid and follow it down covering the lower eyelid. The idea is to connect the top and bottom line on the inner and outer corners and close up your big eyes.

Almond shaped eyes:
Go straight for the cat-eye if you have eyes shaped like almonds. This will naturally extend the shape of your eyes and accentuate that killer looks. Get those barren, empty areas under the eyes all worked up by adding the bright and colourful underliners and if you’re looking for something bold then don’t forget to sparkle it with some glitter too!

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