Lip tints – trending 2018

Lip tints are one of the hottest makeup trends this season. A lot of beauty gurus have been going crazy about gradient pouts that are achieved through lip tints. Lip tints are basically a product of Korea, but now they have become popular not only in Asia but in the Western countries too. They are famous for the bitten, yet cute, natural and youthful look that is perfect for everyday makeup.

The difference between a lipstick and a lip tint
The major difference between lipsticks and lip tints is that lipstick contains wax whereas a lip tint contains conditioning ingredients and does not contain wax. Due to the waxy base, lipsticks glide on smoothly but have a lesser staying power, whether they are glossy or matte because they only cover the upper layer of your lips whereas a lip tint stains your lips while moisturizing them. It is absorbed by your lips so the colour is not on the surface only, but is penetrated into the skin. Also, lipsticks can be used to create a dramatic look whereas lip tints usually give a natural look only.

Types of lip tints
1. Liquid lip tints
These lip tints have a watery consistency and are often applied on the cheeks too. You just put one drop of it on your lips, press them together and your natural, gradient lips are done.
2. Peel off lip tints
Peel off lip tints have a slightly thicker consistency than the liquid lip tints and leave a deeper stain. You need to apply a layer carefully on your lips, wait for a few seconds until it dries and then, peel it off.
3. Tint sticks
These lip tints look like lipsticks as they come in the same form. They are creamy and are applied like lipsticks or lip balms but they still work like tints as even if the first layer comes off, the stain remains there and lasts all day.
4. Marker lip tints
These lip tints come in the form of the marker and are slightly pigmented so you have to be very careful while applying them. However, they are perfect to create gradient lips.
5. Matte lip tints
This is a relatively new type of lip tints. Since matte lipsticks have been trending lately, a few companies have come up with matte lip tints that unlike matte lipsticks do not dry your lips and are extremely lightweight. Their staying power is amazing too.

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