Facial Rollers – a magic wand?

Waking up and looking fresh is a big challenge for all us early birds, right? Makeup camouflages most of the spots on the skin but what about the puffiness on the eyes? Or the swollen face? Well, if this the primary issue for you, and I am going to tell you the secret ingredient to look fresh in the morning.

The Facial roller is that magical tool designed to heal your skin. It is the best stress reliever. Dermatologist approved it’s safe to apply on your skin. With 4.5 stars rating and the cost of £20, this tool has now become everyone’s favourite.

The invention– Chinese have been using these Jade facial rollers (made from pure jade or imitation jade-like stones) as the solution to most of their skin problems from the 7th century. Chinese believe that there are some healing properties in the precious jade stone. The roller comprises of two stones (big and small) for application along with the skin. It looks like a simple paint roller. Some versions of these rollers have a smoother surface to enhance the massaging element, which is the primary factor of all rollers.

The execution– This handy massager has an easy technique to use. Use the massager gently over your skin (with any skin toner or just after washing the face with water) in the upward and outward direction on your face. The comforting massager will soothe your stress and helps in reducing the puffiness of your eyes and even out your swollen face. Its detoxifying nature will leave your skin radiant. Use this roller for 5-10 minutes daily and you will be amazed at the positive effect on your skin.

Some of the most amazing benefits of jade rollers are briefly explained below:

Regular use of rollers increases the lymphatic drainage (reduces the blood vessels and the appearance of pores resulting in the improvement of skin tone) leaving the skin more bright and glowing.
It minimizes wrinkles around the eyes, jawline, and mouth.
Increase blood circulation.

I would strongly recommend you to use this massager for once, and you will undoubtedly experience a good change in your skin, and it will ease your hectic routine simultaneously with a healing massage. So stop worrying about your skin and comfort your skin with this magical tool, your skin will thank you for this.

Of course with all non-medical devices there are limtations. For example this roller will not stimualant new collagen formation. If you would like to know how Dermaroller can help improve your skin on a deeper level drop us a line!

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