Which peel is right for YOU?  Here is a guide to knowing which peel matches your skin type and result required


Salycilic Peel -Acne, acne, don’t want no scrub 


This is the lightest and safest chemical peel for acne scars. The ingredients contained in this chemical peel are salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and fruit acid in certain proportions. A BHA chemical peel for acne scars is best for people with sensitive skin.   A salicylic peel control redness and oil production reduces   inflammation.  This peel concentrates on      resurfacing whilst controlling the spread of bacteria.

Pyruvic Peel –  Tighten and Brighten –all skin types 


This peel helps tired looking skin, dull or flat? This is the peel for you.  A pyruvic peel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves signs of photoaging, hyperpigmentation as well as helps to reduce oil in the skin.

Jessner Peel – Pigmentation

Designed to disrupt dermal pigmentation (deeper level) with less post treatment complications. Suitable for damaged skin whether it be age, sun or hormone related.  With very little down time with a noticeable effect.


EL Peel – let’s not forget the Eyes and Lip


A special peel for around the eyes and lips. This consists of TCA which usually would be too strong for these areas. However, EL is a uniquely engineered gel-peel formulation which is layered onto the areas of concern. Each layer increases the strength of the treatment, allowing the practitioner to tailor the application to the patient. It is useful for dark eye circles, smokers/kiss lines above the lips and much more.


Glycolic Peel – Red Carpet ready  – suitable for all skin types


Safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, it helps accelerate your skin’s renewal process,bringing fresh,new skin to the surface on a regular basis when used routinely.  This type of peel has no down time and gives your skin incredible glow. The Hollywood A listers use before attending  red carpet event!

Mandelic Peel – The safe peel for sensitive skin types Excellent or sensitive, and rosacea skin types.  Safe for darker skin tones as this prevents the risk of hyperpigmentation.  Boosts and brightens skin and is extremely safe to use during summer months. This product works with the skin rather than on the skin.


TCA Peel  – Lets go deeper


A doctor led treatment that deeply remodels the skin.  Suitable for scaring and lines and wrinkles that are more than superficial.  Great for ice pick scarring, severe photo aging and for excessive pore size and those struggling with uneven skin.


Get the right advice


Ask any good practitioner (Safe Face Accredited) for that one treatment to correct your skin concern and you will be advised there isn’t a quick fix solution!  If the skin has been showing signs of concern for a while it will take a period of time to remedy that issue.  It may be that your skin may need preparing beforehand with home use products. 


We also advise a course of treatment is recommended and at Angels Twelve we have a great package  3 for 2 offer on all peels.  Our chemical exfoliation systems deliver a concentrated boost to the skin that generates an extremely mild erythema (redness) that generally disappears a few hours after post application. Contact us to book your free consultation with our skin experts and start the transformation to a healthy new skin


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