Red Carpet Event article

Red Carpet Event article
Now we have rolled away our Red Carpet but the excitement hasn’t died down!!
FOMO – Did you have Fear of Missing Out?
Ever been invited to an event to say not for me I don’t’ like drawing attention to myself, only to wish you had gone when you realise what was on offer and what was missed.  Well you can be forgiven as not everyone wants that exposure or limelight!  Don’t worry you don’t have to walk the red carpet to get attention by us @AngelsTwelve Nottingham

What was on offer?
The event was a success as our guests were treated like royalty.  From the Red-Carpet entrance bubbles and photo opportunity to our make up tuition and advice by Jeeta of JK­_ Beauty to the touch and feel of our injectable products such as Juvéderm presented by Nicola from Allergan and an opportunity to talk with our Advanced beauty therapist Denise to guide you on skincare and supplement nutrition. The rooms where all a buzz.

Far from the superficial
It was certainly a chance showcase to other guests our practice and protocols with injectables for cheeks fillers, lip fillers , jaw line and chin  using Juvéderm  Voluma, Volift  and Volux, just a few of the quality products we use here.

Who should you trust with your face?
Why is it said do your research? Well not all clinics and practitioner are equal.  Dr Olha presented key factors in approach to facial aesthetics.  “We treat the face as a whole rather than treat the line or wrinkle” Using protocols such as the 7 point shape and 9 point shape concepts she has mastered through training with Dr Mauricio de Maio is one of the world’s leading authorities on non-surgical treatments and renowned as THE world expert on Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.  This was followed by a live demonstration where Dr.Olha conducted treatment on the night which allowed everyone to see how results in real time without any downtime.  Our guests agreed they saw improvements on our model in areas such as looking less sad and tiered.

No catch it’s a gift

The evening was rounded off by a free raffle draw for on of our flagship products Revitlash eyelash serum that promotes the growth of your natural brows and eyelashes. One of our lucky clients went away with that product worth £65!!  Everyone left with a gift bag each worth £60!!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next exclusive event!
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