Balayage Hair – the hot trend set to continue in 2018

Balayage Hair – all you need to know.
Tired of your old hair and want to get a new hairstyle? Or feel like transforming your entire look? Changing your hair colour can do that. While there are a lot of hair trends people have been trying over the years, one of the best and most raved about hair trends of 2018 is the balayage hair.

What is Balayage?
The balayage pieces are closer to each other at the roots and the highlights start getting thicker as they come towards the tips. The colour is saturated at the tips to give a more soft and blended look.

Reasons to get the balayage look.

1. It gives you a beautiful sun-kissed highlights: Don’t you want the kind of shiny, sun-kissed, natural-looking hair similar to what nature gave us as children?
2. It is suitable for long as well as short hair
While people with long hair can enjoy a lot of hairstyles that sometimes people with short hair cannot, balayage looks equally good on long as well as short hair.
3. You can experiment with different hair colours
You can experiment with different hair colours from blondes to browns to pinks or whatever colours that you like to. You can also mix your favourite colours up and enjoy new looks!
4. A little goes a long way
You do not have to be “over-the-top” with your hair if you are getting balayage hair. A little goes a long way. However, it is important to see a stylist experience in the using the right techniques.
5. It suits any hairstyle
Whether you like your hair tied up in a ponytail or a bun, or like to flaunt it when its open, balayage suits all hairstyles equally.

No matter how perfect it looks in photos you need to find the right hair technician because it has the potential to look terrible if it’s not done right!

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