The bouncy blow dry

The bouncy blow dry – steps to perfecting at home.

When it comes to hair styling the blow dry is one treatment that we ladies love, a true hairdressing staple. Although it is pretty simple we know how it ups our hair game in little time and has the potential to change our entire look. The volume and the bouncy look that it gives us, makes our hair look perfect.

While achieving the perfect bouncy blow dry at salons is not difficult, blow drying your hair at home can be very tricky at times, especially if you do not have enough practice and patience. Since blow drying your hair is a lot more than just drying it with heat, you need to learn proper techniques to achieve the “bouncy” look.
To achieve the perfect, voluminous hair through a blow dry, you must prepare your hair first.

How to prepare your hair for a bouncy blow dry

First of all, you need to dampen your hair, either with water or a blow dry spray. Then you need to comb your hair to remove any tangles. Once you have combed your hair properly you have to part it where you normally do and divide it into four sections.
Then wrap your hair around a round brush, pull your hair, smoothen it by blow drying and lift it up to curl the tips inwards or outwards. You have to repeat the same procedure with each of the four sections.

Things to remember
If you are blow drying your own hair, you need to keep a few things in mind if you are to achieve the salon look;

1. Always dampen your hair first.
2. Make proper sections of your hair according to the volume.
3. Use the brushes of the right size.
4. Blow dry with the heated air first, and then use cold air on the tips.
5. Use a heat protectant hair treatment to reduce the hair damage
6. Use a thickening spray to increase the volume
7. Use light styling products
8. Create extra volume at the crown for a bouncy look
9. Don’t use strong hold hairspray

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