‘Absolutely  NOT ‘ – says Dr.Olha  BDS, from Angels Twelve , Shine Medical and Cosmetic Courses clinics.

During times like today staying positive and taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

Some would argue and say why would I bother if I don’t go out, if I don’t see my friends.

The TRUTH is DO this for YOURSELF.

We always hear look after your loved ones, look after vulnerable. And we are 100% supporting this. But, if you can’t look after yourself, how can you look after the others.? If you want to cheer people up if you want to make them feel better you need to feel and look that way yourself.

SELFCARE today became so important.

There are so components to it:  healthy diet, exercise, mental health wellbeing and of course we can’t take this away – our face.

Looking well, fresh and healthy can really make a big difference to your day.

Dr.Olha  share’s  with you what can be done while many Cosmetic clinics and Beauty salons are closed.

At our clinic we see significant increase in online consultations.

We develop this service during 1st lock down and it has grown dramatically over last year.

By booking online consultation you are bringing the expert advice right to the comfort of your home.

Our Doctors and therapist will give you detail advice about skin condition that you may have, advice on correct skin care, Doctors can prescribe skin care for you as well and post it to you.

Healthy glowing skin is a great foundation for any further treatments if you decide to have them later in clinic.

Our specialists also provide you with bespoke treatment plan.

Consultations are FREE of charge, so why not to make the first step on the achieving a healthy glowing skin.


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