Nurse Claire shares how she started successful career in medical Aesthetics

My Journey

Like many Nurses I have always been passionate about helping others. I started my Nursing career after I left school and have been privileged to work for the NHS for over 20 years in Emergency and in the Primary care sector.

I have always loved beauty and working with people, but although I was intrigued, until the last few years I have never looked into the possibilities of aesthetic nursing. This was going to be my new challenge and with no experience it was going to be a completely new direction. However, following my passion for people and their wellbeing I was ready to embark on this new and exciting venture and I’m happy to share my journey.


When I finally had the courage to book my training, after months of research, I chose Cosmetic Courses , as they are the largest provider of aesthetics training in the UK. They are also very specific in their approach and will only train qualified medical professionals. This to me is so significant as the safety of my patients are of paramount importance.

To date all my training has been undertaken by Cosmetic Courses, they have given me a good mix of both Theoretical and Practical training along with a full understanding of the products needed for each treatment. I truly believe that being well informed is an essential part of any medical training.

After my initial training I have developed my skills by keeping up to date with all the latest techniques and attending advanced courses to further develop my expertise. It is vital to be trained to the highest standard not only so you can deliver the best service to your patients, but also to give you the ability to gain confidence and always maintain safety in practice.

On my last course I was trained by Dr Olha in full facial contouring, this provided me with the skills to define, enhance and sculpt. I was fortunate to be offered a job interview after I had finished my course that day, this for me was a total confidence booster.

Journey so far

Since starting at Angels Twelve I have had the support of everyone in the team. I have been given the opportunity and the time to shadow Dr Olha in her clinic and discuss all the procedures carried out.

Shadowing Dr Olha has really boosted my confidence in my abilities and has given me an insight into the importance of initial consultation. I have found that  being able to offer my patients the chance to see their new and improved appearance and the difference it makes to their lives is infectious and  a really great feeling to know that ‘I did that’.

Since being part of the team at Angels Twelve I have been given the best training, I have enjoyed every minute and I have learnt so much. The team here have been so supportive and always have the time to listen and offer useful advice.

I feel that my role in Aesthetics is so fulfilling it has instilled confidence and provided me with a sense of Empowerment through a specialised art form. My patients completely love their results, I can see that they stand just a little taller after their treatment. I live for these moments, as everyone is special!

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