My personal experience of Russian Lips

Our nurse practitioner Claire speaks openly about her personal experience having incorrect lip filler treatment 

So……What are Russian lips

Russian lips are lips which are heart shaped with most of the volume being focused on the centre with a defined cupid bow, they are done a little differently to traditional lip filler.

So firstly, it’s really worth considering if you want to follow a trend or do you simply want your own lips rejuvenated.

I for one followed a trend. It was the first Aesthetic treatment I had ever undertaken, and I will be very honest I just went with the flow, I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just did it. 

While any lip filler carries a risk, with the Russian lips technique one wrong move can result in a vascular occlusion, so if it’s a trend you choose to follow make sure your medical professional is fully trained and experienced with a full understanding of facial anatomy.

So back to my own experience, once I had my lips done, I found that I hated them. I was very self-conscious as they were so big and I felt they were completely out of proportion to my face! What was even worse, I had already started my career in aesthetics and how could I give advice on the importance of the natural enhancement when I had made this mistake myself.

Dr Olha and I decided the best option moving forward was to have my lips dissolved, what a relief. This was a procedure as a practitioner I had undertaken on my patients but never experienced myself.

The Hyalaise process… Hyaluronidase is a soluble protein enzyme that is used to break down the Hyaluronic acid found in dermal filler.

Hyaluronidase has an immediate effect and keeps working 48 HRS POST INJECTION. Whilst going through the dissolving process, assessments were made on the tissue response and side effects were monitored.

I was fortunate and I didn’t need re-treatment so did not have any allergic reaction to the Hyaluronidase. The treatment itself was uncomfortable but not painful.  I think the thing that hurt more was my pride for being very silly in my decision-making process (or Lack off).

What I have learnt… The best Lip filler treatments are subtly enhancing and have a very natural look and feel. You don’t ever want or need to have sausage lips and you would never want duck lips. Lips should only ever be plumped and refreshed. Yes, there may be symmetry work needed and there is nothing wrong with going a little fuller, but it should be within reason so your face looks balanced and fresh.

Always remember to be you and love every part of you xx

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