Learn to love your hands

If we were to ask which part of your body, do you use the most and which part of your body, do you take for granted and neglect the most what would be your answer?

Obviously, we all like to look and feel our best, we try to have a healthy balanced lifestyle, we love to try different facial treatments and we all couldn’t wait to get back to the hairdressers after we were locked indoors for the winter. Amazingly we all look and feel better now, the restrictions are starting to lift and summer is hopefully just around the corner.

But how many of us have considered our hands? As we are all still encouraged to wash more and sanitize more the effects are showing and, me included, don’t seem to make the care of our hands a priority. Why not? Well, we don’t look in the mirror at our hands all the time we just keep using them day in and day out without any special care.

So, let’s make a change and start from today to give some love and attention to the part of our body we use the most. Here are some suggestions to repair the damage everyday life has caused.

Make sure you use a good quality moisturizer to replace what you wash away every time your hands are in water.

Sunscreen! Yes, don’t forget, it takes 2 seconds to protect your hands from the harmful rays of the sun. Think about how they are exposed when you are out and about especially so when you’re driving.

Skin Peel rejuvenation, what a difference this has made for me, I feel as though it’s given me a second chance to care for and protect my hands. They are smooth and nourished, an amazing transformation. Now it’s down to me to keep on top and carry on caring.

Dermal Fillers can also be used to refresh and rejuvenate tired or lined hands giving a youthful result. Let’s face it, our hands can always give away our age or even make us look older, tell me who wants that to happen? Not me!

Take a look at your hands today and make a promise that you’ll look after this amazing part of your body forever!

Ask our Doctors or Skin Specialists for advice when you are next in clinic or call to book a free consultation.

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