So how do I get it right: skin care that gives results at affordable cost? Three rules .

Skin care

Were do I start ?

I spend a lot of money on skin care but can’t see big difference on my skin.

I always has been using expensive creams but my skin is not as great as I would expect it to be.

I want to invest in a good skin care but don’t know where  is the best place to go for advise .

Are those phrases  sounds familiar to you?

Our skin is so important to us. Our face is the first thing people see and we been judged by the way we look.

According to the women home magazine survey on average British women spends £570 per year on skin care and 78% of women are think that it is important to follow daily skin care routine.

So how do I get it right:  skin care that gives results at affordable cost?

There are three rules that you can follow and you will gradually achieve the skin of your dreams:

Rule number ONE: get your skin care advise and products from skin care experts. Ideally if it is Dermatologist , Doctor  or Medical Aesthetics  practitioner with special interests and experience in skin .  Medical and prescriptive skin care is more effective that the one you buy over the counter.

You also can receive skin care advise from a Beauty therapist who specialising in skin treatments – facialist.

Recommendations from celebrities, influencers are not always correct and may not necessary be right for your skin type or problem .

Rule number TWO: start with basics .  There are some essentials skin care products that you must have :

Cleansers  : foaming , gentle , exfoliating  ( choose one that will suits your skin)


Treatments : Vit A, Vit C, Vit E , Hyaloronic acid, ceramides  ( start with one  and you can add the rest later)

Hydration  if needed , ask your Doctor for advice .

Protection: SPF 50

Don’t forget about your eyes and lips , they deserve a nice treat too.

Rule number THREE

Change your skin care routine depending on changes within your skin and also time of the year.

On average you can start see an improvement within your skin after using skin care for 6-12 weeks.

At our clinic we  offer remote skin clinic consultations and post skin care direct to you .

You can book skin care consultation online  with one of ours Doctors today .

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