The place that’s built with LOVE AND PASSSION 

Happy Birthday to us at Angels Twelve 

7 years of incredible success!

The place where beauty and medicine come together under one roof. That was our first thoughts. And now we can’t believe that over the years we have helped to improve the wellbeing and health of over 3,780 customers and patients. 

We have won multiple awards 

Have been featured in the National and International press and on TV

We wrote and book 

I can carry on and on about our multiple achievements, as there is not a month goes by when nothing exciting happens at Angels Twelve.

But in this post, I would like to share our core values and what makes Angels Twelve the place it is today.

My team have a clear vision we have regular team meetings and everyone knows what is happening and have company values at their heart. 

The main people in our business – are our customers and patients. Their happiness, satisfaction in our service and how we make them feel – are the main priorities of all our team.

Coming a close second are each individual member of our team, to come to work happy is very important, so we make sure we all look after each other and are always ready to go an extra mile to help.  No one will ever say that is not my job,they just come along and help, sharing the day to day running of the clinic and salon is a joint effort.

We don’t have a 9-5 culture; we work towards achieving goals and get the work done. In the customer service industry flexibility is a key. Within our capabilities we will always try to accommodate every need, especially for the people who cross the Country or even the World to see us.

As we spend so much time at work it is important that it is enjoyable and everyone gets on together. Don’t get me wrong when 10 women work together under one roof, difficult moments can occur but nothing that we can’t work through and move on from like nothing ever happened. You will never sense a bad atmosphere at Angels Twelve because 99.9% of the time it’s fun and we are lucky to have each other.

People who don’t fit don’t stay, That’s an absolute fact. We are all very passionate about caring for our customers that we don’t ever like to let them down.

But those who stay have all the loyalty and trust, and that’s a nice feeling for everyone.

We have a very stable team with many of us here from day one.

Sam – our senior hair stylist, loves her job and lived with us through all the massive renovation that we underwent in 2017,not cancelling one single day. Thank you to all our clients who also lived with us during this time your patience was very much appreciated.

Jean – our practice manager, is 65 and has no plans for retirement, she loves her job, she loves the people and even now she drives every day one hour to work, she is ready to conquer another 7 years of success together with us.

Soodabeh – our aesthetician was one of the first people I met in the UK when I moved here in 2009. She had trust in me and offered for me to rent a room in her salon back in 2013 when I just started in aesthetics. Today Soodabeh is valuable member of our family at Angels Twelve 


Claire – our nurse practitioner, seeing you growing personally and professionally has been an absolute pleasure. I’m proud of you so much 

 Reanne – our senior hair stylist, your work ethics are admirable, you are always the last to finish and so flexible with your customer appointments. your skills and talent don’t need any comments, it is astonishing.

Parris – you are an amazing receptionist; your professionalism had grown and your love for your job is evident 

Lucy – our little girl, who is now become a confident women and great stylist. I remember when we were teaching you how to make a cup of tea. And now you are not just a great stylist but a multi-tasking member of the team: receptionist, stylist and social media manager 

 Anastasia and Chloe – our new generation of stylists.Wonderful and very talented apprentices, you are our future.

Jess – joined our team 3 months ago as our Aesthetician we are so lucky to have you. So many five star google reviews speak the volume of your caring personality, knowledge and professionalism.

Lesley and Joanne – despite you are not working at Angels Twelve anymore in our minds you always will be a part of the team.  It is a rare when we let such talented people go, but Joanne moved to France and Lesley needed to work closer to home due to family circumstances. Our doors are always open for you.

And all the people behind the science: builders who do all the maintenance to ensure our facility are the top notch, cleaner, web developer, marketing team – that you so much for always been there for us.


To celebrate our 7th Birthday, we did a creative workshop andeach of us painted an angel.

As we drew, we manifested further prosperity and success to our business. Health and Happiness to everyone


The lady who ran our workshop for us said – I love your team,you have a different energy, you are all so warm and friendly like a family.

So now let the angels do their work.

To many years of incredible success here at Angels Twelve 

The place that’s built with LOVE AND PASSSION 

Congratulations to all the team and all the customers at Angels Twelve. And a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone from all of us @angels twelve

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