How long do dermal fillers treatment lasts?

One of the most often ask questions by our patients is ‘how long my filler will last?

When you start doing your research you will find out on the internet that fillers on average last 6 to 12 months.

And then suddenly you come across reviews of some unhappy people saying that their fillers did not last or their lips are still bumpy after their treatment even 12 months after it has been done and they had read or been told that it would have dissolved after this amount of time.

So lets ask the expert: Dr.Olha explains how long dermal fillers usually last .

Dr.Olha says there are few factors that determine longevity of HA fillers :

  1. Product selection, some brands are great but the results don’t last as long due to the low weight molecules of HA.
  2. Practitioner, if any product is placed incorrectly it tends to stay there for longer than we would expect, this is the most common occurrence during superficial placement of the filler.
  3. Patient factor and how quickly your body metabolises HA. People with a high metabolism and those who exercise a lot tend to have shorter lasting results.
  4. Amount of the product used:
  • If not, enough product is used the results can be affected by product retention which can often make the initial treatment invisible.
  • If too much product is used it can result in the thickening of the epidermal layers of the skin and result in a permanent alteration in your appearance.

As much as HA acid-based fillers seem very popular and are a relatively safe treatment, choose experience, a medically qualified practitioner with a good understanding of beauty and age-related anatomy this is the key to achieving natural and beautiful results.

I also would like to share with you a case that demonstrates longevity of dermal fillers:

Patient was treated in October 2019 with 5 ml of Juvéderm

Treated areas: temples, cheeks, jawline and chin

First photo taken 2 weeks post treatment in October 2019

Second photos taken 12-month post treatment October 2020

Patient has had no other treatments since October 2019 

This case demonstrates that correct product selection, placement and right patient selection can guarantee longevity of the results.

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