As always Angels Twelve are ahead of the game with a move from “obvious” lip fillers to the increasing demand for natural and subtle results. With a range of products especially designed to create this effect and the skills of our Doctors it will always be your secret unless you choose to share it with your friends and family.

While there are still some requests for plumped and defined lips all experienced aesthetic Doctors are reporting a shift away from this look and most clients are now asking for a discreet enhancement instead. Most people now value their discretion and want to choose if and when they tell other people that they have had some natural enhancement rather than anyone noticing that they look anything other than fresh.

As always, this treatment should be administered only by a medical professional and not be confused, due to its demand, with a routine beauty treatment that can be done in a salon by a beauty therapist or even sometimes by hairdressers.


Fiction…Fillers only last 6 months

Truth…Fillers can last from 9 months to 24 months if the correct product is used and administered perfectly


Fiction…All fillers are the same

Truth…Check which brand your practitioner is using and then check if it is a credible option backed by scientific evidence.


Fiction…One filler fits all

Truth…The amount and type of HA will vary and will depend on where it is being injected. If done correctly you should expect a natural result with very little down time.


Fiction…Fillers never look natural

Truth…They can and will, if you do your research look at the reviews and invest in a treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Your fillers should blend under your skin for a natural look and feel.


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